Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Quotes of Ignorance!

Religious leaders hit back at Hawking

"Belief in God is not about plugging a gap in explaining how one thing relates to another within the Universe. It is the belief that there is an intelligent, living agent on whose activity everything ultimately depends for its existence." Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams

The statement explaining belief may be true, but the claim is not.

"Science is about explanation. Religion is about interpretation ... The Bible simply isn't interested in how the Universe came into being." Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

The Book of Genesis certainly makes claims about how the Universe and Earth came into being and plenty of people take that as truth no matter how ridiculous it is. 

Respecting the belief that the Earth is less than 10,000 years old is joke.  Cultural/Religious Relativism is a lie. 

What exactly is religion interpreting?  You don't interpret gravity. 

"If we look at the Universe and all that has been created, it indicates that somebody has been here to bring it into existence. That somebody is the almighty conqueror." Ibrahim Mogra

It does not indicate that.  There is not one shred of evidence that is so.  There is only absence of evidence which is evidence of non-existence.  

Also, love the "conqueror" reference.  Good stuff. 

"Hawking's god is a god-of-the-gaps used to plug present gaps in our scientific knowledge. Science provides us with a wonderful narrative as to how [existence] may happen, but theology addresses the meaning of the narrative." Denis Alexander, director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion.

No, your god is a god-of-the-gaps.  Hawking is clearly stating god is not necessary for anything to have occurred and therefore it is not necessary for god to exist. 

And theology addresses the meaning of narrative in so far as humans assign meaning for existence.  There is no meaning.  Its really not that scary. 

"A creator God provides a reasonable and credible explanation of why there is a universe, and ... it is somewhat more likely that there is a God than that there is not. That view is not undermined by what Hawking has said." Fraser Watts, an Anglican priest

It does not provide a reasonable and credible explanation since it raises the question of the creation of the creator god.  Furthermore, it is not somewhat more likely that there "is a god than that there is not."  The universe is easier to explain without a god and that makes it more unlikely a god exists.