Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No, I Will Not Have Faith: A Rant

I've been repeatedly asked in my life to find the faith to believe in God.  I cannot.  

The proverbial "leap," as it were, is too large, too far to traverse.  Furthermore, it isn't just a single, broad leap that I would have to will myself to do, but I would have to commit to a continuous series of leaps that get farther and farther away from reality and farther and farther from myself.    

Those that "give" themselves to religion become other people.  There is no escaping this and is actually seen as good to many of them.  A pious act of true belief.  I find it sick and frightening that a person is required to shut off their brain in order to be "saved."

"Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God. "

"Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his reason."

"Reason should be destroyed by all Christians."


Anonymous said...

Hey wait, Science and only science has all answers
Let me just " shut my brain off " to anything else except science and "reasoning" If I ( the human race ) cant can explain it in a mathematical formula then it does not exist. Tell me Steve what then is the scientific formula emotion. Your lost ( i know and im mislead ) but the answers to our questions will never be known while our hearts are still beating. Now go get your ipod and rock out a little

Steve said...

“Let me just ‘shut my brain off’ to anything else except science and ‘reasoning.’”

I have never made such a statement. I have stated that religion is a false mode of understanding the natural universe and human existence. There is philosophy, charity, art, comedy, athletics, etc.: a whole host of varied human experiences to enhance our understanding of who we are. Just to humor you; what else do you propose? I get the feeling your only point is that I lack religion.

You are consistently misunderstanding or misrepresenting what I am saying. In this post you have currently commented on, I stated that I cannot have “faith” as faith requires one to ignore their innate human reason. In order to have “faith” one cannot simply do this one time in order to accept the supernatural universe. There is an endless supply of inconsistencies constantly bombarding the belief system with incongruent evidence that requires the believer to ignore this evidence time and time again. In order to accept the supernatural universe the believer has to ignore their reason and logic. All the time.

As to the second part of your comment regarding science: I never mention science in this post. However regarding the mathematical equation for emotion; you either do not understand the various disciplines of science or you misrepresent them in order to further your agenda. Yes, it is unlikely that a mathematical formula would be found to represent human emotion (although statistical probabilities could be used). That is not how biology, psychology, and the related sciences work. Regarding a mathematical formula to explain anything biologically; it is really only appropriate for specific processes within the body such as respiration where there is a quantifiable chemical process.

Straw man = burned.

And I am always listening to my ipod and rocking out. \m/