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Random Quotes. A Lot of Them...

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Random Quotes.  A Lot of Them...

Look, some of you could view this entire post as lazy since I simply copied an entire article and highlighted certain parts that were especially egregious to me. However, I ask you to think about that for a few seconds.  I was just going to pick a few random quotes for a short, quick post... but I could. not. pick. just. one. Enjoy

Those Pesky Social Issues
Posted by Tom Minnery

In this age of the Tea Party, some believe that conservatives should place all their emphasis on tax and economic issues, and push those pesky social issues — such as the right to life, and the definition of marriage — to the back burner. Some are just plain tired of us social conservatives.

But the fact is, any consistent conservative is a social conservative. Here’s why:
When we take a closer look at what it takes to maintain a strong and free nation, with a prosperous, engaged and productive citizenry, it becomes clear, first of all, that social and economic conservatives have a lot in common.

Both groups believe something that is vital: that healthy and productive citizens come from healthy and productive homes. This is the overwhelming conclusion of modern social science, and a mountain of academic research boils down to this: Every child needs a mom and a dad, committed to each other in marriage, to give him or her the best chance of success in life.

But marriage today is one of those messy social issues best left alone, say many small- government conservatives. Well, not so fast. Family breakdown builds a huge appetite for government. The first-ever meticulous study of the costs to taxpayers of divorce and out-of-wedlock childbearing was released in 2008. It puts that cost at a staggering $112 billion per year for all levels of government, for such services as welfare, criminal justice and remedial education. One sure path to smaller government is more intact families.

Sometimes reporters ask us why we don’t take on more trendy issues at Focus, like poverty. Our response is that we do fight poverty, every day, in the most effective way possible — by encouraging husbands and wives to love each other, and stay committed to their children.  
Some conservatives, because they lean Libertarian, believe that matters of faith should be mostly private because public religion threatens individual liberty. Actually, moral principles preserve our freedoms, and here is why that is true: All conservatives believe in the concept of ordered liberty — that is, the freedom to do what one wants to do, within the limits of what one ought to do. And from where does that “oughtness” come? It derives from the shared moral principles that must inhabit each heart, as a kind of internal moral gyroscope that tells each of us what is right and what is wrong.

In the West, these principles find their source in the Judeo-Christian moral tradition, and if we lose that collective sense of “oughtness,” then individual liberty degenerates into selfishness, and eventually into social chaos. And, at that point, it is only the loaded gun and the barbed wire fence that can preserve order. (WHAT?)

Our Founders understood this, and that is why they were so bold about proclaiming the importance of religion in the new nation.  John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” And, of course, at the heart of the new nation was a profoundly religious concept. It is the conviction that our freedoms are gifts of our Creator, not of any government or king. It is this that makes our country unique.

All citizens benefit from the Judeo-Christian moral tradition, even those who personally reject the Creator, as they have the freedom to do. That is because moral precepts make good laws, as they bring order to liberty. “Thou shalt not steal” and “thou shalt not commit murder” are direct from the pages of Scripture, but so far not even the most militant atheist advocates the revocation of laws that derive from these religious commandments.

Beware those who would put conservatives into separate pigeonholes. They either have mischief afoot, or they have not thought deeply enough.

*shudders* OK.  Very quickly:
  • Charitable work involving the poor is “trendy.”  
  • They don’t do actual charity work because their “real work” is forcing their worldview onto others.
  • Conservatives believe in freedom and liberty as long it is within the confines of conservative social norms.  
  • Of course that conservative social norm is derived from the Judeo-Christian god.  
  • Without Judeo-Christian god and values humanity devolves into sin and immorality.
  • If that happens “only the loaded gun and the barbed wire fence that can preserve order.”
  • The Founders created the United States to be Christian.
  • EVERYONE benefits from the Judeo-Christian  moral tradition.  Even lowly atheists.
  • All laws are derived from these religious laws. Even atheists don’t want these “religious” laws overturned.  

Chew on that folks. are there other parts of the article you want to challenge?  Does Anonymous want to make a dismissive statement about science in a post where I don’t mention science? Please leave a comment.