Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Generation Joshua

I was trying to figure out a way to create a post about this, but it is way too goofy for me to wade through it and take it seriously enough to write about it at length. I take it seriously enough that it needs to be brought to your attention...and mocked. Generation Joshua is basically a Christian nationalist home-school “training ground” to produce the Religious Right’s theocrats of the future. If you think I am being melodramatic than you are not paying attention.

The videos for “GenJ,” as they say to seem “hip,” do most of the job for me. It is exactly how I think kids who have been home-schooled would act and produce videos in all earnestness. That is to say HILARIOUS. I’m not going to have much commentary here. There is simply too much to refute, criticize, and mock. Except in a few areas where I personally laughed out loud or ended up grinding my teeth. These aren’t all the videos, of course. There are plenty more if you are into that sort of thing.

I'll be honest here: If you are only interested in a cheap good laugh just watch the last one. I'll understand.

Intro To Generation Joshua

Glenn Beck’s favorite Liar for Jesus, David Barton shows up at  around 1:22 with the following statement: “Those values have to be protected by Judeo-Christian people. This is where Christians have got to get involved.”

Aside from my obvious objection to this statement as a whole; Mr. Barton seems to have a disconnect between these two sentences.

Civics Education  

Here we go!

Will Estrada (Director of GenJ): “One of the components of generation Joshua is the online civics program.”

J. Michael Smith (President of HSLDA): “They learn a lot more there than you can learn in books or any place else; as we know.”

Lana Thornton: “...it’s Christian worldview material....you don’t have to filter anything.”

Unknown Young Male: “They can educate themselves and become a lethal weapon in the political world.”

Experts Say "You Should Join GenJ!"

Experts say...

Voter Registration

“Scripture says that ‘When the righteous rule, the people rejoice.’ But how do the righteous come to rule here in the United States. Well they are elected.”

Go Vote (final)

Did you catch it?

GenJ Christmas 2  

“Over 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ came to Earth and...there’s more to Christmas than  mangers and Christmas, the trees and..uh..manger scenes...camels. It’s a recognition of Jesus Christ coming to Earth, God the Son, coming to Earth to die for our sins and live for us.”

This...this is an intricate “poe,” right? Right?