Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thorny Issue

I can remember a question that I had as a young boy, about 6 years old, where I found the answer strikingly unsatisfactory even for a child. I think this was the beginning of my skepticism. Though it would take another 10 years to have the ability to refuse to be "confirmed," attend church or participate in anyway.

I was playing in the front yard of our house and running around in the woods. After getting quite scratched up from thorns ("prickers" in the Eastern Pennsylvania dialect) I asked my mother:

Lil' Steve: "Why are there thorns on plants that hurt people?
Mom: "God made them that way."

...short pause...

Lil' Steve: "Why would God make thorns?"

Mom: "Ask the Pastor."

This was my first inkling that something was up. "Ask the Pastor?"
I thought it was a simple question (it was), but my mother just punted it. That happened a lot in Sunday School and in other settings. “Because God blah blah blah.” It didn’t make sense to a child so why does it makes sense to so many adults?


@blamer said...

I hope parents nowadays opt instead for "Ask the wikipedia".

Faith in the pastor seems to mean trusting that your spiritual leaders know the facts about the Divine.

Not merely the compelling christian arguments built upon the Testamony of that central biblical character that in their heart feels historically accurate and so judge still good to teach children as "the truth".