Saturday, April 30, 2011

God did it

So the sado-masochistic fundamentalist Christians are claiming the tornadoes in the American South are the Wrath of God. Is anyone surprised by this? Of course not. Does it make it any less disgusting. Of course not.


Shorthand: Natural disasters are God's way of simultaneously warning humanity and punishing humanity since we are all sinner’s and no one on Earth would not deserve this horrific wrath.

So what can we take from this train(wreck) of logic?

“Do bad things happen to good people?” Well that question is technically irrelevant because there are no good people. Not good enough for the Christian God. He perfectly claims his perfect moral perfection as the perfect standard of his perfect Creation in which his imperfect subjects (that He created) Hence, his perfect and Divine retribution. Isn’t it wonderful?



This a little less controlled and more angry than I usually write, but this is personal.

video via Joe.My.God via Right Wing Watch


krissthesexyatheist said...

Wow what took them so long. Actually I'm surprised that 'they' went all religion on Southern American peeps in the very devout South-I thought that was reserved to nonAmericans. Usually, well as of late, all the blame goes to (da da daaaaaaa) President Obama. Awesomeness.