Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Working for the End Times

I'll keep this quick as I am just ranting.

The following article Atheists Mock Rapture Prediction as 'Nonsense' discusses the Rapture prediction for May 22, 2011 and how the mean ol' atheists are mercilessly mocking the believers. David Silverman of American Atheists states that:

"This is nothing new," said American Atheists President Dave Silverman in a statement. "Self-declared Christian prophets have a long track record predicting the end of the world. What distinguishes this latest round of warnings, though, is the sheer scale, and the cultural backdrop of 'gloom and doom' over everything from the economy to the environment."

The article then details how many Christians are also rejecting the prediction.

"The end of times is something that we all expect and hope for and look forward to but most Christians aren't in the business of trying to predict that date. They are working toward that date," Dr. Thomas B. Slater, professor of New Testament at Mercer University's McAfee School of Theology

I just wanted to highlight the lunacy of Dr. Slater’s statement. They look forward to and work for the end of times. If ever there was evidence of the apocalyptic, suicidal death cult in Christianity this is it. They don’t see it that way since they will be “saved” and everyone else will burn for eternity in the Lake of Fire. The crazy thing is that this is supposed to be the “reasonable” Christian voice in the article.


Tom said...

Sometimes i think it would be easier for all of us is the majority of the cult would drink the Kool-aid

Steve said...

They wont and here is why: many of them do not actually believe any of it. Deep down...they know it is bull.