Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Quotes: "Dr." Keith Ablow

/cries himself to sleep at
 night knowing he'll die alone. 
I couldn’t think of a good “Random Quotes of” so I just went with his name. They can't all be gold. Don't judge me!

Anyway, per the Fox website: “Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team” and writes the following entitled Was Jesus the First Psychiatrist?

Short answer: No, that is a stupid fucking question.

“Recently, many people who have e-mailed me asking whether there are parallels between God’s teachings and the field of psychiatry and psychology.”

These people have a real need to insert their religious worldview into everything in order to pretend such a thing as “omniscience” exists. Weird, huh? He then goes on for three paragraphs about modern psychology not saying much and then...

“With this focus on classification, technology, statistics and medication, it would be easy to lose sight of the heart and soul of psychiatry and psychology, which has always been just this: People suffer to the extent that they are removed from the truth. People are healed to the extent that they embrace it, no matter the cost.”

Hmmm...Ok. Not too crazy, but rather simplistic. Let’s see where he’s going with this:

“The key truths that people must seek out are those elements of self that define them as individuals—who they really, truly, finally and irrevocably are, deep inside. And in order to do that, they must rid themselves (with the psychiatrist or psychologist’s help) of illusions about all manner of forces that have distracted them and made them afraid, including traumatic experiences from childhood that made them worry about how punishing the world can be, as well as relationships with others who convinced them to abandon their deeply held beliefs or interests.
This is why the image of Christ on the cross is such a powerful one—in my mind—for psychiatrists and psychologists to keep in mind.
Christ doesn’t give up his core self for anything.”

Ah. Yes. There it is! The “Truth” that only Jesus can provide. This goes on for awhile. I suggest you read it to see the nonsense. Anyway, Ablow says NOTHING relevant to make his case for the headline. Once again, a Christian is using their position to insert their god surreptitiously. It is even more egregious here since he is using his perceived position of a medical professional with the weight of authority.

For the record: Christ, IF he existed (the jury’s out, but I wouldn’t bet on it), would hardly have been the first nor the best example to follow! That still has nothing to do with him being a “psychiatrist.” Ablow closes with this:

“The fact that Christ is resurrected is a powerful fact for anyone seeking to restore themselves to well-being—to life.” (emphasis added)

I mean...what am I even supposed to say here other than it Ablow has a loose definition of, or a weak basis for the term “fact.’ Mind you, this is the same “Dr.” that made the ridiculous comments about Chaz Bono that generated significant controversy in which he was rebuffed by members of the American Psychiatric Association that are working on the DSM-V and the President of the APA, John Oldham, M.D. for his Transgendered bnigotry towards Chaz Bono. Even Megyn Kelly bascially told him he was being an asshole! Megyn Fucking Kelly!  

I would also like to randomly point out that “Dr.” Ablow recently co-authored a book with Glenn Beck. That is all.



Adam said...

OH where do I start? I think this article should be called Was Jesus a Decent Role Model?
All of the nonsense examples that he uses have nothing to do with the field of psychology other than that Christ did not use mal-adaptive coping strategies that are anachronistic to a first century Jew.

"Christ doesn’t give up his core self for anything.
He doesn’t down three scotches because of the gathering storm that will take his life. He doesn’t eat himself into oblivion.
He doesn’t change his appearance at the plastic surgeon’s office in order to avoid his persecutors or reality.
He doesn’t inject himself with heroin to kill the pain in his hands.
He doesn’t Tweet nonsense about his daily routine to people who say they’ll follow him when they really won’t and never intended to, anyhow."
---I don't know anyone who says they will follow me on Twitter, and then doesn't. Is he working out some personal issues here?

He then goes on about "truth" and "the self" from an incredibly narrow clinical perspective. He says that "giving up the self is what causes all the suffering..." His definition of the self is the indoctrinated Christian moving away from the core teaching of the faith and subsequently loosing themselves or "their truth." I think it is insulting to all of the victims of abuse out there who are undergoing treatment to be distilled to "abandoning their deeply held beliefs."

Psychological treatment is about conflict and trauma. Mental Health is recognizing and overcoming internal or external barriers, building self esteem, and positive self expression. I think humanity would be much better off if we were not taught from the cradle that we are unworthy of love from the ultimate father figure.

Anonymous said...

Ablow wrote this as part of his campaign to make people think he's a Christian without actually coming right out and saying that he is. In fact, Ablow is Jewish, and all of this "Jesus blah blah" is just to get himself in better with the crowd who are the source of most of his income (far right fundies, etc.) There is nothing he won't say if his bosses at Fox want him to.