Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Quotes of the Malleable Religious Mind

Pastor Gus Booth remembers when he used to simply encourage his congregation of 150 in Warroad, Minn., to vote each Election Day. Now, he thinks it's important to tell them which candidiate should get their vote.

'If we can tell you what to do in your bedroom, we can certainly tell you what do to in the voting booth,'
And one wonders why there would ever be concern over churches using the pulpit as a political soapbox. You see, the religious mind is easily malleable.

If your neighbor tells you that you should vote for X, you might take it into consideration or might ignore them. If your preacher is in the pulpit with all the imagery of the cross, the Bible in hand, "God on their side" and they state that X is who you should pick or that Y is a bad pick...well...the religious mind is going to pick X.

The entire concept that your preacher can tell you what to do—whether in the bedroom, in the voting booth, or anywhere—is disgusting. It is mind control and evidence that religion is a viral meme. For many, even the devoutly religious, the mix of religion and politics is unseemly. Even when I was a "believer" and later as an agnostic not opposed to religion; I was of the opinion and would often state that mixing religion and politics never ends well. For anyone.