Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 'War on Xmas' 2011 is a go!

This gets tiresome doesn’t it? 
"Thanksgiving leftovers aren't the only things that get reheated this time of year -- so do the 'Christmas wars,' and with it people's tempers. While you may be chided for saying 'Merry Christmas,' don't lose sight of the many other real threats to religious expression by signing our petition to stand for religious liberty. 
 "American Atheists, a self-described 'premier organization for civil rights,' has announced that they are starting the Christmas wars early this year by putting up their 'You KNOW it's a MYTH' billboards in a handful of states. The most significant threat posed by groups like the American Atheists isn't that they take out billboards or insist on saying 'Happy Holidays.' It's their faithless vision that they want to impose upon our nation. Christmas is but one of many flashpoints in the ongoing struggle to resist those who want to sterilize the public square of any religious expression."
 - Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, via press release.  via Joe. My. God.

The fake “War on Christmas” wages on in the minds of Bill O’Reilly, ignorant Fox News viewers, the Christo-fascists and anyone else that gets all pissed off when someone says Happy Holidays. Yes, yes...your religious liberty is threatened by the fact that everyone isn’t the same as you or refuses to bow to your perceived superiority and Christian privilege. 


Adam said...

When I was a kid, I thougt Happy Holidays was short for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Who knew I was speaking the unholy language of GODLESS, LIBERAL, COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, PRO-GAY ABORTIONISTS.

krissthesexyatheist said...

Obviously, Adam-if that is your real name-you were a heathen sinner kid...and a minority (like me) at that. So blasphemous-n-shit...that is why it is awesome. Was' up Steve-o.


Steve said...

What's up, Kriss? You've been MIA.

Papa said...

Here's what I don't get - they say we take Christ out of Christmas like that's all the history of that date, yet none of them can say when their Jesus was born and none of them can tell you what Pagan holiday the christians stole to make into Christmas. If they want to go back to 'how things were', then how far back do they want to go? Fools.