Thursday, December 22, 2011

Frothy Mixture & Christians think only Christians have rights

Tell me you don't want to punch that face.
One of the many things that disgust me regarding the religious Right is that they can yammer on and on about religion and the First Amendment and the second someone disagrees with them they whine. As if the contradictory statement is a violation of their rights and that it is not protected by the very rights they claim are being violated.

Related to this is their "religious freedom" meme; which simply means their “religious freedom” is violated without their ability to dictate people’s lives according to their religion and only their religion. In other words, they have preeminent rights and everyone should respect them. Other’s rights are minimalized or subservient to their own. It really is simply childish.

As far as the “Christian Persecution Complex” where they think every Christian who speaks up for Jesus is torn down by the media; Santorum, Tebow, et al…

Well when you put that out there; attaching your religious beliefs to your name and personality people are allowed to form a judgment on it and therefore you. You don’t get a pass because it is religion. Of course they think so, but again that protection is only for Christians (and maybe Jews). Not Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc. We see that over and over.  Again, it is a special protection for them an only them. Giving them more power and opportunity will lead to this being the law of the land.


Troythulu said...

I think the persecution complex is as old as Christianity itself, and I've noticed it throughout it's history.

That still doesn't mean it's not just whining though, no matter how long it's been going on.

Steve said...

@Troy: I agree that it has always been there (and that it really is nothing more than whining).

It is obvious that Christianity has a martyr complex because they worship a martyr! Additionally, as Frothy Mixture states in the original article I linked back to, the Bible reinfoirces this with statements like "they will hate and depise you."

It is a brilliant mechanism to reinforce the belief in the face of adversity.