Monday, April 23, 2012

American Nuns vs. the Vatican Patriarchy

A report from the Vatican accuses a group of American Catholic nuns called the Leadership Conference of Women Religious of having "a prevalence of certain radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith,” due to stances of political, civil rights, and religious views that are contrary to Church doctrine. What are these heresies the nuns are committing? Open requests to the Pope (JPII) to allow women to be ordained, ministering to homosexuals, and not being aggressively “Catholic” enough on issues such as abortion, right to life, and health care. The report states that the nuns’ calls for women in the priesthood and other challenges to Church structure are an affront and "Some commentaries on 'patriarchy' distort the way in which Jesus has structured sacramental life in the church.”

Reuters reports that Sister Joan Chittister said: 
“the nuns saw themselves as helping, not hurting, the church. Their difficult questions must be asked, she said, if the church is to remain vibrant, relevant and respected. ‘When you begin to suppress that, it's immoral,’ Chittister said. ‘It's a mistake for the church. And it's despair for its people.’ The nuns' motto, declared on their website: ‘We risk being agents of change within church and society.’" 
Sister Simone Campbell suggested that there was a link between their support of “Obamacare” and the Vatican’s crackdown: 
"I can only infer that there was strong feeling about the health care position that we had taken," Campbell said. "Our position on health care was application of the one faith to a political document that we read differently than the bishops." 
Embedded in all this, the Vatican makes the egregious claim that Roman Catholic Bishops “are the church's authentic teachers of faith and morals," which basically is telling the nuns that the Y chromosome allows the Bishops to tell “Little Women” what to do. Besides the blatant and unapologetic sexism of the Church patriarchy we also have to consider how insanely self-righteous these criminals are. This statement that they are “authentic teachers of faith and morals” blows my mind! A short list of Vatican immorality and crimes from Atheist Revolution outlines the insanity of such a statement:

Clearly this is an institution that is sick, archaic, unable and unwilling to adapt. As Annie Laurie Gaylor requested of Catholics a month or so ago, Catholics should leave the Church; “en Mass.” This should include the nuns. Their motto “We risk being agents of change within church and society,” is admirable, but ultimately futile. The Vatican will never allow the kind of change they are advocating. They can’t even be trusted to act morally when it comes to the innumerable cases of child rape by priests. They have consistently acted immorally to preserve the status quo for the good of the order. And the crimes just keep happening.

I echo Ms. Gaylor’s request to Catholics: please leave. Most Catholics are good people that barely acknowledge Vatican doctrine anyway. Your support only enables and emboldens them. Change, in this instance, cannot come from within. It can only occur if you take their power away and their power is you and your loyalty.