Friday, April 6, 2012

Would You Believe In God Because A Church Is Nice?

This sign has gone viral the past week or so and my initial reaction a few days ago was “Cute.” Not in a derogatory, dismissive way; but just as a “Well they are trying AND it will probably piss off the right kind of people which I am all about.”

The Friendly Atheist and Joe.My.God both have posts on it this morning with a bunch of quotes from various believers and supposed comments by atheists (original article). I have to take issue with the supposed comments by these unnamed “atheists.” Now I am not suggesting that the church administrator is lying when she related the following tidbit:

"Many atheists have said, 'If there were more churches like yours, we would probably reconsider.'"

Who are these atheists and why are they atheists? The negativity of some religious believers that turns off and isolates some people from religion may cause some to reevaluate their beliefs, but that isn’t a reason to reject the potential existence of god(s). Conversely I don’t care how nice religious believers can be. I have never considered that as part of the reason why I don’t believe. It would make me happier that it is easier to get along with people, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the existence of a god or gods. None. That is a non-sequitur.

I don’t believe in gods or the supernatural because I have no reason to accept the premise that these assertions exist.