Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Anti-Faithist

When it comes down to it atheist and antitheist do not adequately describe my opposition to gods and religions. Belief in god(s) and the subsequently spawned religions are simply the results of a type of thinking that propagates all of the magical thinking in the world. They are only symptoms of the real sickness: faith.

Faith is the unifying foundation of all theistic and religious belief. The common thread of faith in believers is what allows them to, when threatened with secularism and rationalism, band together and defend their position as if their individual faith traditions do not cancel each other out. And they do. They cannot all be right, but they can all be wrong. It is this wretched defense of faith that seems so cynical to me. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: I am always suspicious when the disparate religions get together and defend each other. They use each other for the safety in numbers game, even though they think no one is correct but their specific theology. There is also liberal theology that lets every through the door to god because everyone is right and it’s just different ways of seeing things.

Except for non-believers.
Except for those with no faith.
“Those people” are lost and have their hearts closed.
They are arrogant to reject religious beliefs.
They are closed off.
They are “less than.”
They have no faith.

As if faith is an acceptable foundation that a grand universal truth exists and an excuse that extraordinary things require not one fucking iota of evidence, let alone extraordinary evidence. Not one! I am closed-minded? I am arrogant? You have got to be shitting me!

I could be called a-faithist or an anti-faithist and that would be accurate if not cumbersome. I will not respect the concept of faith and all the inanity that comes from it.



sandyriccardi said...

I agree. I'm on your side. And yet, there must be a way to show wisdom greater than the faith-based billions, and actually respect their right to believe without letting them trample the right-to-not-believe. These billions of people seem to need their faith, their religion like water and air. You can't even put a dent in that number, so it's not worth trying. We must fight hard to make sure that the rights of the religious-less are just as intact as any others, but we must find the right combination of words to demand our rights without making the faithful feel that we won't be satisfied until they are all non-believers. I know they don't show us the same respect, but we are better than that, no?

Steve said...

I do not see the need to respect their beliefs. They have the right to believe it. Not to respect.

I know that this rant (and that is all it is) is not going to convert a believer. The point of it—aside from me venting—is to point out to other non-believers that belief in god(s) or an ahderance to a religion shouldn't be the focus. The faith concept should be. Theism and religion are results of faith. Chip away at the blind acceptance of believing anything that is held on faith and various irrational beliefs crumble away.

Nick said...

Anti-fideist or afideist

Steve said...


I didn't use that term because a) it isn't immediately recognizable and b) it has several various (and weird) interpretations.