Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Preachers in Alabama Bully an Art Theater (HILARIOUS UPDATE!)

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HILARIOUS UPDATE: The preacher leading the charge against the Bama Theater is an ex-male stripper and one Bama blog has printed out pictures of him back when he "made an honest living" to hand out as flyers to the religious protesters.


The Bama Theater in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has slate of movies lined up for its Bama Art House Film Series. One of the movies to be show at some point this summer is comedy called “Turn Me On Dammit!” a film “…based on a novel by Olaug Nilssen, follows the romantic daydreams and burgeoning sexuality of three teen-aged girls in Skoddeheimen, Norway.” The film has no nudity or anything outside of the normal MPAA guidelines for its rating. In a letter by the Arts Council the film is described as having “…themes that are thought-provoking, intelligent and sometimes humorous. The entire range of human emotion and struggle is represented, allowing adult audiences the rare chance to identify with the daily struggle, the fears and triumphs of what it really means to be human.”

OK, I lived in Tuscaloosa for a few years in grad school and I attended a few movies at the Bama Theater (gorgeous building). I guarantee you the only people seeing this movie are arty undergraduate and grad students, some professors and maybe some of the more bohemian townsfolk. That’s it.

So what happens? Two local preachers get their “Religious Freedom” on and threaten everyone involved.

“If you are content with the negative publicity that will be pointed towards your business, then you probably should just trash this letter. But as you read this letter I am in collusion with many area pastors who are going to pool their resources and mobilize their congregations in an intense and very public resistance toward the showing of this movie, its sponsors, the Bama Theater, and the Arts Council.”

Religious freedom includes the freedom to tell you what you aren't allowed to see, watch, read, feel, think, etc. Ain't nuthin' worse than a thought crime, folks. Nothing to see here. Move along. 

via the Tuscaloosa News


Andy said...

Pastors always have to pick a fight in order to keep their congregations in fear.

Plasmaborne4rel said...

yep, freedom of speech for them, none for anyone else.

fester60613.wordpress.com said...

I really dislike bullies who hide behind a god who won't freakin' speak for himself! Bastards!