Wednesday, July 4, 2012

God _less America!

Why is the concept of “God Bless America” detrimental?

The Christian God is infallible. He makes no mistakes. He is perfect and so is His will. If His will is to bestow blessings on the United State of America there are surely ramifications for this! We, as Americans, are blessed. The rest of the world is not.

The belief that god would “Bless America” as His special nation gives credence to the false and dangerous belief that America is infallible and immune to criticism either from within or from without, just like the Christian god. This is entirely delusional to begin with but it reeks of Totalitarianism and Nationalism. Not Patriotism. True patriots challenge and criticize their fellow citizens, their representation and their government. They don't stomp their feet, point fingers and claim fellow citizens are immoral for thinking differently. Patriots do not look another citizen in the eye with contempt for merely suggesting another potential solution to our shared problems. Patriots do not accuse people of treason for disagreeing with them. Patriots do not suggest that their fellow citizens are evil, immoral, in league with Satan. This behavior is reminiscent of every totalitarian regime in history.

Do not think for yourself. Do not question authority. Accept. Accept what those in power tell you. Accept that it is part of a divine plan. Anything else is treason against the state and treason against “your creator.”

This is the nonsense that totalitarian regimes have used to control people and destroy any semblance of liberty throughout history. God Bless America. We are better than all others. This is how the slave masters keep the poor whites at bay. “Hey, at least you’re better than the Africans!” Make them feel special or elevated even with a boot on their neck and they will smile all the way to church and the voting polls. Where they vote for those that say they are the most godly.

American exceptionalism.  It is a lie and buying into that lie will only ensure the opposite happens.


@blamer said...

To bless is to favour. Otherwise why do say such a thing?

If the creator of all things loves some tribes over others, the world has a profound problem to face.

We mustn't say it, even if we think it. Never suggest He prefers "us" over "them". Them's fightin' words.