Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christian Sadism Proudly on Display

I saw this on the way to work yesterday and made sure to snap a picture of it on the way home.


I don't know how you believe this and feel good about yourself. It's sick, sadistic, and reinforces the false need for suffering. Not just suffering, but the suffering of another for your benefit. It’s disgusting.  

What is downright incongruent given the main message is the sign underneath for a daycare.  

“New Life’s Tender Moments Learning Center.
Enroll your children today.”



Steve Barry said...

I looked up this church's website and the first thing I saw was their tag line:

"Our 'Soul' Purpose: To Catch, Clean and Clone Souls for Jesus Christ!"

Wow. That is just creepy.

Frank said...

Don't ever underestimate the influence of Scots Irish culture in American Protestant theology.

The Scots Irish were desperately poor people from a land where strife and murder were daily realities. They came to the new world knowing nothing but God and violence. Inevitably, they came to make us understand God as violent, and godliness and violence as forever intertwined.