Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crazy Ol' Pat Robertson Strikes Again

Makes sense if you're a bigoted lunatic. I’ll bet 10:1 the shooter was part of Christian Identity (a White Supremacist theology) so his point is invalid. Furthermore, if you have ever had the misfortune or masochism to watch a lot of Ol’ Pat discuss ANYTHING about religions that are not Christianity, especially from the “East”, he consistently portrays them as “Satanic” and demon possessed. Of course, this is pure lunacy as Satan and demons do not exist. Crazy Uncle Pat (and “some say” others on Fox) just couldn’t help but use this atrocity for his own agenda. What I find really interesting is how even the religious fundamentalists will set aside their differences with the “Satanic Eastern Cults” and pretend to stand in solidarity when they want to play the martyr card. While Robertson is an asshole for saying it was “atheists fault” he’ll portray it that way and score points saying “all religion is under attack from the evil secularists.”