Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Donations Needed to Fight Witchcraft Accusations in Africa

Leo Igwe of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is conducting a “field study into witchcraft accusations in Ghana” and needs our help in funding it.

via Foundation Beyond Belief member email:

Leo Igwe, one of the most prominent and acclaimed humanists in the African continent, is leading a field investigation into "witchcraft camps" currently holding thousands of women accused of witchcraft in Northern Ghana. Leo received a $2,000 FBB Small Grant Award, but in order to go forward, the project is still in serious need of funding.

Actually the study needs $19,880 for its full year project budget. Please consider donating whatever you feel comfortable with. To donate, please go the this page.

If you are unfamiliar with the scope and consequences of witchcraft accusations in Africa please see the following links.

Belief in Witchcraft Widespread in Africa

My People! My People!! This Witch Hunting Must Stop By Leo Igwe

Accusations of sorcery still drive women from their homes in Africa

There are also some older Left Hemispheres posts regarding witchcraft in sub-Saharan Africa. Adam wrote the excellent Suffer a Witch to Live and we also have a horrific video of a witch burning embedded in the post Nigeria: Suspected Witches Beaten and Burned Alive. We do not post this video to be sensational, but to emphasize that this is a real phenomena with tragic results. This is magical, supernatural belief taken to the extreme and it has repercussions.

Again to donate, please go the this page.


Troythulu said...

Donated. May post on this myself later...This needs to get out.

Steve Barry said...

Thanks for donating and please post about it. This is the apex of religious belief run amok. People are ostracized, abused, or murdered due to this insane belief.