Friday, August 31, 2012

Infomercial for God Seems Legit

From the totally honest and legit Michael Kaylor Ministries, you can obtain “…supernaturally received keys to unlimited access to heaven!” via an “anointed” six part audio CD for the low, low price donation of $35.00! It’s better than AOL Online!
Get rid of all that fussy doubt and cognitive dissonance so you can “supernaturally have no struggle with your faith!” Have unlimited access to God and the supernatural via audio CDs!
“It’s time to become normal!”


Nick Sabot said...

"supernatural organ transplant...and more!" lol

Troythulu said...

"Access the realm of the supernatural..."

Oh. My.

Considering the monstrous behavior of the supernatural being in question, where's Sam and Dean when you need them?