Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Quotes of Religious Privilege

I don’t even care about the damn billboards as I don’t think they are that clever or effective.* It’s the following quote that I take issue with: 
"It’s never appropriate to insult another person, it’s never appropriate to disrespect another person.” - Christian Life Center Pastor Mark Matthews
Insulting or disrespecting religion is NOT insulting or disrespecting a person. Religion is an idea, a concept, a belief. These things are not synonymous with a person. A person may HOLD these beliefs, but any insult or disrespect aimed at the concept/belief is not an attack on the individual. In this case we have a clear example of religious privilege. Open criticism of religion is not to be tolerated. If that criticism can no longer be silenced by a nice fire around a stake then the new tactic is to call it “hate speech” and whine about it.

*Are they aimed at relgious people or atheists on the fence? What is the audience? How is this effective either way?