Monday, August 13, 2012

Religion is a Boat in a Storm

Religion is a boat in a storm.

Fundamentalist religion has its anchor down, locked in relatively the same place while the waves crash against it. They batter the sides of the craft relentlessly, but no matter how much the waves threaten to sink the boat it cannot move.  It is stuck in place. The occupants cannot do anything about it. They are at the mercy of the storm and can only hope the boat can withstand the onslaught.

Conversely, liberal religion has no anchor. The waves don’t beat on the boat as hard, but it is at the mercy of the winds and current. It gets pushed and pulled in every direction, constantly changing course.  There is less of threat of the boat capsizing, but the occupants have no idea where they’ll end up.

Where am I? I’m on the shore wondering why the hell anyone is out on a boat during a storm.  

I almost went with this picture of a boat in a storm instead. 


Maniacal Mark said...

Unfortunately, these days the fundamental religions have the backing of the conservative mindset, i.e., the Religious Right. So now we have instead of a boat in a storm, we are dealing with a battleship caught up in a hurricane.
The same circumstance is happening, though. It is a boat caught in a storm. Only now, the damage done could affect the environment. We are no longer just waiting to see what will happen from the shores, as the impact can affect our lifestyles. Their thinking could, if brought to be law, could damage our environment, imprison our immigrants, and turn back the clock to times that had women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.
Religion has done only one thing: kept the weak minded scared into obedience. Now, combined with politics, it can turn our free countries into the very thing our ancestors strove to get away from: a society based on religious rule, not individual freedom.

Anonymous said...

"Religion has done only one thing: kept the weak minded scared into obedience." Shut up, Mark. Without religion you'd have humans claiming they are God and would do a lot more damage. Imprison immigrants? What religion are you talking about? You're hate for religion and love for all things liberal has blinded you like those fundamentalists are blinded by faith. The conservative right is pushing against the liberal waves who are trying to sink the boat and remove "God" out of the english vocabulary. I have zero respect for someone who discusses religious fundamentalists and do not mention Muslims. Pull your head out of your ass and take a look at the real enemies. Nobody is trying to send women back into the kitchen, in this country at least. How about you focus on the real threats to freedom, like people cutting heads off of those who do not agree with them. All the Christians need to do here is let gays get married and then there would be nothing for you to complain about.