Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Absurd Logic of Apologizing for Islam

via atheist cartoons
For the sake of argument and for lack of better terms let's say that I, as a philosophical naturalist, hold that Charles Darwin was “holy” (I don't) and the Origin of Species was “sacred” (it isn't). As part of my "religious" beliefs I find any mockery, denial of, or challenge to the Theory of Natural Selection as an insult and desecration. With that premise, the multitude of creationist media calling Darwin Satanic, evil, delusional, etc. would be highly offensive to me (instead of my current opinion that it is simply ignorant bunkum).

Now if I killed anyone because of this affront, regardless if it was the creators of such media or random people only associated to them by citizenship, would the majority hold the creators of the movie responsible or the perpetrator of the actual crime? If you even hesitated for moment, ask yourself which action is actually a crime.

Back to the current state of affairs, to fault the creators of the movie for the violent reaction of others is accommodationism and cowardice in face of religious lunacy.  Is it appropriate for anyone’s religious beliefs to be so prone to insult or so afraid of historical challenge that everyone else in the world must walk on eggshells for fear of violence?

This is absurd.

For those that want to blame the individuals and groups involved in creating the movie you should realize that is illogical. As distasteful as the movie may be (have any of those "defending the prophet" even seen it?) it is in no way a justification to participate in violence and murder. To have to point that out for people makes my head hurt.

Understand this: Only via religion is such insane logic acceptable or defensible.  Only via religion can a human justify hurting, maiming, raping, or murdering other humans in defense of a god they have never met, never talked to, or ever will. Only via religion can the absurd, the insane, and the deadly become a heroic defense of faith.

The true fault here is with a religion that seems so easily hijacked by fundamentalists to commit violence. The true fault is those that commit these acts in the name of their religion


Jack Carlson said...

Six years later and still my favorite article by AC Grayling addressing the point that religions deserve no special consideration or coddling.

Steve Barry said...

Thanks for the link, Jack.

I feel like I have also made that point over and over again on here. The reason why the majority of the culture doesn't get it is because the majority is obviously religious. I don't think most moderate/progressive religious people are stupid, but cognitive dissonance is strong for those that want to be respectful of other's faith while preserving their own. It forces them into a relativistic stance; which I think is not only indefensible in many cases, but immoral in others.

Anonymous said...

And once again we see the rage, Abrahamic faith takes centre-stage:
"Allahu akbar!" comes the cry, "Take to the streets - avenge this guy
Who made a film we can't abide!"...
...and here's the ruse for homicide.

Angry mobs of devotees, march their way to embassies,
To smash the windows; break the doors; "It's time to teach these Western whores,
about respect for our beliefs - let's give the diplomats some grief..."

Frightened men hide and cower, so far now from US power.
There's nothing here to hold the hate - the Muslim mob will break the gate,
to exact revenge Muhammad's way. God is Great? Not today.

And now arise the liberal free, to blame Western profligacy
in Muslim countries far and wide: "Blame yourselves for this homicide!"
FFS. What can you say, when thinking people think this way?

Is it not quite clear? Do we need to explain, how religious thinking is to blame?
When blasphemy is valid defence, for rioting and violence,
Freedom dies, and worse than that, we all submit to the Theocrat.

Not now, my friends: hold your ground, Democracy will not be bound,
by any kind of religious decree - every man must be free,
to think, to write, to criticise. Be bold, go forth, and secularize.