Monday, September 10, 2012

This Is Your Brain On Faith: Televangelist Jim Bakker

Cleary, Jim Bakker is making a faith claim. It is obviously irrational, but what really agitates me is how moderate, liberal, and progressive believers dismiss people that make these crazy claims and never say why they dismiss it. We have become so used to and desensitized by these kinds of statements that we never ask why they are wrong.  I think it’s because it makes the majority uncomfortable to think about it. It creates cognitive dissonance in the mind of the faithful. Here’s’ why…

I have asked the following questions before and never received a single answer let alone an adequate one:

What separates one’s faith claims as valid and another's faith claim as false?
By what mechanism can a person of faith adequately judge and dismiss another’s faith?

I contend that they cannot and it is an important example of why faith is useless. The reason you never hear an adequate (or any) explanation of why various religious statements are clearly untrue is because it is a can of worms for the believers. The problem of faith is a big one. When it comes down to it faith makes a cartoon out of everyone. They run right off the cliff and only realize there is nothing under them when they look down. Most of them never ever look down. They don’t dare to. 


Sandy Riccardi said...

Oh, the fundy Christians (I having been one) think that they have all the evidence they need to prove Jesus was the one and only son of God, and then the words of Jesus himself, "No one comes to the Father (God) but by me" seals the deal that the only true faith is Christianity. They write books to "prove" it (More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell has a well-thought-out, ludicrous way of "proving" it, and thereby lay all other faiths down as false. If you give them half a chance, the determined ones will try to convince you, but it's all with Scripture, which if you have absolutely no belief in, then they won't waste their time. You don't have anything to get hooked on.

Troythulu said...

Wow. Bakker just doesn't sound coherent, then again, those sorts of claims rarely do, unless one's already given to believing them in the first place.