Thursday, November 8, 2012

Open Letter to Conservative America

I see a lot of conservatives/Republicans dumbfounded about the election results, wondering about the state of America, and where it has gone wrong. Here's why I think you lost and will continue to lose moving forward.
If your platform were really what you claim, fiscal conservatism, small government, lean but effective law; the conversation would be much different. In fact, many in the center and even on the left would gladly sit down and see what we could do together. The problem is your backward social policy.
The majority of Americans can see what the GOP is: the party of the past. Your base is predominantly old, white, male Christians who resent/hate minorities, women, and anyone who thinks differently. Oh, and your irrational disdain and fear of gays would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgusting and virulent. Most people, most good people, do not like to demonize others let alone their fellow citizens. You make demonizing people a major part of your platform and the propaganda that motivates your base. Let me repeat that: you demonize people as a means to inspire people. And your base eats it up. Whether it’s denying adults the fundamental human right to marry whomever they wish, painting other religions as stupid or evil without looking in the mirror as to how stupid or evil your religion is, or actually believing that anyone—especially your fellow Americans that have different political ideas and solutions—are immoral and treasonous. We know all this because it’s all you talk about. You have nothing to add to the conversation but vitriol. Your biggest idea is to suggest we tear the whole thing down. Probably so you can try and rebuild it the manner only you approve of.
Those on the right are fond of parroting patriotic lines about liberty, but how do you envision this liberty? It is a liberty for those willing to follow your very narrow and myopic vision of the universe. All justified with nothing more than arguments from authority demanding submission to your ideals and morals. There is nothing about your rhetoric or actions that suggest liberty. In fact it is the opposite. Conservatism is tyrannically holding people to the ideals and traditions of a past that never existed, or more importantly, one that no sane person would want to return to.
The vast majority of your attacks on President Barack Obama have been not only ineffective but delusional and dividing. The unhinged nature of your hate—which really is largely racism— doesn’t allow actual governing to take place. There are real and valid criticisms of Obama's policies. However, these rational conversations cannot take place while you bang the drum of racist demagoguery, dictatorship conspiracies and for fucks sake anti-Christ claims. Y'all are fucking crazy. No rational conversation can occur regarding how to improve our collective fate while you allow, participate and encourage extremists to take the wheel.
In short, there is nothing wrong with the direction of America. There is something wrong with your archaic, stagnant beliefs and policies. You're an endangered species. Either adapt or go extinct. Personally, if it should be the latter I and many of your fellow Americans won't miss you.

What the Religious Right doesn't realize is, part of the reason conservatives are losing ground is batshit, delusional statements and beliefs like this. You're old. You're wrong. You're dinosaurs. Just fade into extinction.