Thursday, December 20, 2012

The LH Podcast Swear Jar

Hey everyone! We hope you’re enjoying the podcast we have been doing for the past several months. If you have been listening to us, you probably are aware of our “style” which is a freeform roundtable that usually consists of the four of us and sometimes a guest.  Always while drinking. Well, us drinking…not necessarily the guests. Due to that I decided that the unofficial name of the podcast shall be “The Left Hemispheres Podcast: Drinking Antitheistically.” Sexy, no?
Anyway, we are up to almost a dozen episodes now and have a few ideas moving forward. First and foremost we are going to try and add more guests to the show and we’ll see where that takes us. Of course the guests we have already had, Andrew Hall from Laughing in Purgatory (twice), and Martin Pribble from Martin S. Pribble, were great and are always welcome back. Those two fucking guys are good shits.
On the subject of “swearing”; which if you have listened to the show you know the explicit tag is there for a reason, we are going to put our filthy fucking mouths to good use. While your mom may suddenly have become titillated, that isn’t what we mean. No, for every “swear word” each one of uses on the show, we will donate $1.00 US to a secular/atheist charity. This may not sound like much unless you listen to us. Personally, I will be broke by March 2013.
The “swear words” that will be acceptable to initiate the donation will be the big ones: fuck, shit, cock, ass, and any derived use thereof, i.e. motherfucker, shithead, asshole, etc. Of course I would include “bitch” and “cunt” in that list; but none of us honestly use those words much, if at all. Actually on second thought, let’s make them $10.00 words in the unlikely event they are used. I’ll be safe on the “C” word, but I may be kicking in some extra funds due to an occasional slip of “Son of a bitch!”
Conversely, words/phrases that are considered blasphemous; such as Jesus Christ, god damn it, oh my god, etc. are not acceptable since the concept of blasphemy is total bullshit. However, uses of a real swear word gloriously combined with a blasphemous one; such as “Jesus Fuckdumpster Christ,” will of course be funny. Oh, and it will initiate a dollar in the jar.

The words listed above are not a comprehensive list and we’ll be updating what is and what is not included as the show progresses.
Depending on how this goes, we will compile the money at the end of a few episodes or at a certain threshold and donate it to a charity. If you the listener would be so kind to give us suggestions regarding where this money should go, please let us know in the comments or contact us. Otherwise we will probably send it to Foundation Beyond Belief, Doctors Without Borders, or a relief effort for a current tragedy such as the Atheists Giving Aid – Support Sandy Hook Elementary (please consider donating if you haven’t already).
Of course, we would love to coordinate with other blogs for donations so if anyone out there is reading this and has an idea, please get in touch with us.
Also, if you listen to the podcast via iTunes please consider rating us on there. It helps raise the shows profile within that podcast community. Thanks for reading and thanks for listening. See you in the atheosphere.