Thursday, September 13, 2012

Penn State Group to "Stone an Atheist"

photo via the PSU AAA site.
Also, I really like the use of the null set. 

“Have a dollar and want to throw something at heathens? Well then here’s the event for you.”  via Onward State
The Penn State Atheist/Agnostic Associate is holding a unique event to raise funds for charity. The event entitled “Stone an Atheist” will have AAA students offering themselves up to get “stoned” (not the 420 kind) with water balloons. Anyone can come up and purchase water balloons and “stone” the godless. The charity, VillageReach, is a non-profit providing medical supplies and sustainable health care training for third world countries.

If you’re a Penn State student, faculty, “townie”, or the Willard Preacher; you can find the “Stone an Atheist” event on the HUB lawn  September 18-21, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Sidenote: I’m sure most will participate for fun, but I have to believe some people will really be throwing those balloons with some extra smite on them.

UPDATE: From some of the comments at Onward State and at least one other atheist blogger it seems like some people think this isn't a good idea or that it's in bad taste. To them I say "Lighten the fuck up!" Many are comparing this event to Ernest Perce V's Zombie Mohammad or his proposed and idiotic Quran whipping. That is a false analogy and just plain lazy criticism as this event isn’t designed to inflame anyone’s sensibilities. Getting pelted by water balloons for charity can only offend or inflame those that take things too seriously or who would really want to stone themselves an atheist. This is a good natured joke. If anyone is the “butt of the joke” it’s those that can’t see it, theist or atheist.

It is a good opportunity for atheists to present themselves with a sense of humor instead of the false stereotype of glum, miserable people (which is dumb considering many atheists love Douglas Adams, Bill Hicks, etc.). It is an opportunity for theists to engage this group of atheists in a funny manner and see that some of us at least, really don’t take ourselves too seriously.

After getting pelted, the Atheists/Agnostic Association will be answering questions and are open to a dialogue.

AWFUL, insensitive stuff, I know.  <sarcasm font>


Paul said...

+1 for the Willard Preacher! (Is it still Gary, or is there someone new condemning eveyone? Been a while for me.)

Steve said...

Nope, the same old Willard Preacher is still around from what I hear. I guess that Martyr Complex comes in handy when you lose arguments for 30 years.

Adam said...

I kinda miss Gary. I wish I could argue then the way I can argue now.

Anonymous said...

ANy one thinking dwarf tossing?