Friday, September 30, 2011

Christian Lies About 'Violent' Atheists (UPDATE)

If you found yourself staring down the barrel of a criminal's gun, who is more likely to be wielding it? An Atheist or a Christian?

79.6% of the U.S. prison population is Christian. Only 0.209% is identified as atheist. That whole 'needing God for morals' canard is tired.

via Freethoughpedia

The Federal Bureau of Prisons does have statistics on religious affiliations of inmates. The following are total number of inmates per religion category: 
Catholic 29267 39.164%
Protestant 26162 35.008%
Muslim 5435 7.273%
American Indian 2408 3.222%
Nation 1734 2.320%
Rasta 1485 1.987%
Jewish 1325 1.773%
Church of Christ 1303 1.744%
Pentecostal 1093 1.463%
Moorish 1066 1.426%
Buddhist 882 1.180%
Jehovah Witness 665 0.890%
Adventist 621 0.831%
Orthodox 375 0.502%
Mormon 298 0.399%
Scientology 190 0.254%
Atheist 156 0.209%
Hindu 119 0.159%
Santeria 117 0.157%
Sikh 14 0.019%
Bahai 9 0.012%
Krishna 7 0.009%

Denise Golumbaski, Research Analyst, Federal Bureau of Prisons, compiled from up-to-the-day figures on March 5th, 1997


I knew I recently saw a repsonse to the above billboard somewhere on the Internet. Sure enough there is and it is awesome. EllenBeth Wachs created the following picture to counter the crazy. Enjoy.



Friday Link Dump 9/30/11

Lebanon's witch hunt for Satanists — authorities arrest heavy metal musicians and fans Possibly no other simple violation of civil rights illustrates the weakness and subconscious uncertainty of religious thought than arrests for "blasphemy." As they say: "Blasphemy is a victimless crime."     

Speaking of which...TODAY is International Blasphemy Rights Day!

Christian Lies About 'Violent' Atheists

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I love this painting as well.

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Jail or church? Some Alabama offenders will get to choose Adam said "Your choice is either prisoner or slave..."

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Feynman: A New Comic Biography I literally bought this the minute I saw that it existed. I haven’t read it yet, but it is now in my possession.

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Some cool private space exploration as well: SPACEX TO BUILD 'GRASSHOPPER' ROCKET

'Why Evolution Is True' by Jerry Coyne

Recently discovered species of raptor validates the fears of anyone who ever watched Jurassic Park

How Come God Never Talks To Them? This is over a week old? How did I miss this?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Quotes: "Dr." Keith Ablow

/cries himself to sleep at
 night knowing he'll die alone. 
I couldn’t think of a good “Random Quotes of” so I just went with his name. They can't all be gold. Don't judge me!

Anyway, per the Fox website: “Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team” and writes the following entitled Was Jesus the First Psychiatrist?

Short answer: No, that is a stupid fucking question.

“Recently, many people who have e-mailed me asking whether there are parallels between God’s teachings and the field of psychiatry and psychology.”

These people have a real need to insert their religious worldview into everything in order to pretend such a thing as “omniscience” exists. Weird, huh? He then goes on for three paragraphs about modern psychology not saying much and then...

“With this focus on classification, technology, statistics and medication, it would be easy to lose sight of the heart and soul of psychiatry and psychology, which has always been just this: People suffer to the extent that they are removed from the truth. People are healed to the extent that they embrace it, no matter the cost.”

Hmmm...Ok. Not too crazy, but rather simplistic. Let’s see where he’s going with this:

“The key truths that people must seek out are those elements of self that define them as individuals—who they really, truly, finally and irrevocably are, deep inside. And in order to do that, they must rid themselves (with the psychiatrist or psychologist’s help) of illusions about all manner of forces that have distracted them and made them afraid, including traumatic experiences from childhood that made them worry about how punishing the world can be, as well as relationships with others who convinced them to abandon their deeply held beliefs or interests.
This is why the image of Christ on the cross is such a powerful one—in my mind—for psychiatrists and psychologists to keep in mind.
Christ doesn’t give up his core self for anything.”

Ah. Yes. There it is! The “Truth” that only Jesus can provide. This goes on for awhile. I suggest you read it to see the nonsense. Anyway, Ablow says NOTHING relevant to make his case for the headline. Once again, a Christian is using their position to insert their god surreptitiously. It is even more egregious here since he is using his perceived position of a medical professional with the weight of authority.

For the record: Christ, IF he existed (the jury’s out, but I wouldn’t bet on it), would hardly have been the first nor the best example to follow! That still has nothing to do with him being a “psychiatrist.” Ablow closes with this:

“The fact that Christ is resurrected is a powerful fact for anyone seeking to restore themselves to well-being—to life.” (emphasis added)

I mean...what am I even supposed to say here other than it Ablow has a loose definition of, or a weak basis for the term “fact.’ Mind you, this is the same “Dr.” that made the ridiculous comments about Chaz Bono that generated significant controversy in which he was rebuffed by members of the American Psychiatric Association that are working on the DSM-V and the President of the APA, John Oldham, M.D. for his Transgendered bnigotry towards Chaz Bono. Even Megyn Kelly bascially told him he was being an asshole! Megyn Fucking Kelly!  

I would also like to randomly point out that “Dr.” Ablow recently co-authored a book with Glenn Beck. That is all.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted
whenever I am contradicted.”

“The history of persecution is a history of endeavors to cheat nature, to make water run up hill, to twist a rope of sand.

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”

“As men's prayers are a disease of the will, so are their creeds a disease of the intellect.”

“If a man fasten his attention of a single aspect of truth and apply himself to that alone for a long time, the truth becomes distorted and not itself but falsehood.”

“Nothing shall warp me from the belief that every man is a lover of truth. There is no pure lie, no pure malignity in nature. The entertainment of the proposition of depravity is the last profligacy and profanation. There is no scepticism, no atheism but that. Could it be received into common belief, suicide would unpeople the planet.”

“Leave this hypocritical prating about the masses. Masses are rude, lame, unmade, pernicious in their demands and influence, and need not to be flattered, but to be schooled. I wish not to concede anything to them, but to tame, drill, divide, and break them up, and draw individuals out of them.”

“To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your
private heart, is true for all men -- that is genius.... Whoso would be a man
must be a nonconformist.... What I must do, is all that concerns me; not
what the people think.... Nothing can bring you peace but yourself; nothing,
but the triumph of principles.”

“To aim to convert a man by miracles is a profanation of the soul.”

“The word Miracle, as pronounced by Christian churches, gives a false
impression; it is Monster. It is not one with the blowing clover and the
falling rain.”

“The religion of one age is the literary entertainment of the next.”

“The Gods we worship write their names on our faces; be sure of that. A person will worship something, have no doubt about that. We may think our tribute is paid in secret in the dark recesses of our hearts, but it will out. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming.”

“Every burned book or house enlightens the world; every suppressed or expunged word reverberates through the earth from side to side.”

“The faith that stands on authority is not faith.”  


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Morning Hate ~ Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey of Mission America

"The first news is the sad, heartbreaking transformation of our armed forces. This week, homosexuality in the military goes into full effect, permitting people to be openly homosexual or bisexual in the military has been painted in much of the media, it’s not an issue like race where people who are born this way are simply being who they are. No, since no one is born homosexual, it’s an issue of those who’ve chosen to embrace and identify with those feelings and practices, insisting that the over two century’s old military’s rejection of homosexual practice be overturned. And all military personnel are to like it or remain silent. New diversity training is taking place throughout the military to indoctrinate if possible the entire U.S. Armed Forces to say yes to deviance, it’s terribly unfair both to those who object and to those trapped in this sin. No one benefits, and the same-sex living and working environments in the military will be destabilized as a result. We can only hope and pray that under wiser leadership and a new administration the military will be allowed to rethink and overturn these harmful policies."

RWW for Audio

Harvey has also been quoted saying that gays don’t really exist. This is what happens when people manufacture to their own truth.  They can reject any aspect of reality they don’t approve of.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Cult 101: Christian "Rapper" at SC Public School

First of all, B-SHOC is nothing but an auto-tuned, talentless, redneck tool of a cult.

Second, and much more importantly, the fact that this event was held at a public school (Jefferson, South Carolina) for obvious indoctrination is clearly unconstitutional and sickening. The superintendent, principal, and any teachers that were involved should all be fired.

They won't be. This will continue. They will use their political majority and religious guilt on others who recognize this for what it is, but are too afraid to challenge the religious right. They are nearly impervious because of the cowardice of moderate and progressive Christians.

So, it's up to us. Thankfully Freedom From Religion Foundation is on it. We need to find this whenever it occurs and hold their feet to the fire.

FFRF contests flagrant violations at South Carolina school

via FFRF


Friday Link Dump ~ 9/23/11

Mid-Week Rant: Lee Camp

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Woody Allen “If it turns out that there is a God, I don't think that he's evil. But the worst that you can say about him is that basically he's an underachiever.”

Sunday Morning Hate ~ Pastor Jack Hibbs

Wanna feel small?

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The Decline of Religion in America According to the Blaze

Ten Astounding Cases of Modern Evolution and Adaptation

Atheism on the upswing in America “The science-based evidence leaves no doubt that, although very human in its flaws, democratic atheism is proving superior to faith-based mythical doctrines in practical societal and moral terms.”

Evolution, as helping hand

Ridiculous Religious Rationalization of the Day “NASA’s scientists have discovered that as the planets mature inside their dusty cocoon they suck up all the dust between them and the sun so that the planets slowly emerge from darkness into the light as described in Genesis verse 3. “Let light come to be.” Then there came to be light.”

~Lets not forget that light was created on the first day and the source of light on the fourth day.  Apparently the light from stars several light years away was created in-route to Earth.

The Vexing Mental Tug-of-War Called Morality

Nasa's Kepler telescope finds planet orbiting two suns “It may resemble the planet Tatooine from the film Star Wars, but scientists say Luke Skywalker, or anyone at all, is unlikely to be living there.”

Is Rick Perry a Secret Atheist? Of course not - But his campaign designers might be trying to tell us something.  

Evolution This finds a way to explain complex science in an accessible way.

Obama hails end of U.S. military restrictions on gays
As of today, patriotic Americans in uniform will no longer have to lie about who they are in order to serve the country they love."

Religious Right Freaks Out Over DADT Repeal TheFamily Reasearch Council worked themselves into the expected lather over DADT.

“...there will be no press releases from the new victims of sexual harassment or assault, the soldiers exposed to HIV-tainted blood, the thousands of servicemembers who choose not to reenlist rather than forfeit their freedom of speech and religion...”

You see, if the military looses the ability to fire homosexuals for being openly, well...homosexual.  Then the gays will start sexually abusing the other 98% of the military like sex-crazed, amoral predators.   The FRC outlined this threat in 2010 when they predicted that gays will start fellating straight soldiers in their sleep.

Once Strongly Opposed To DADT Repeal, Marines Now Try To Prove They’re Best At Recruiting Gays  I think we in the private sector occasionally forget that the marines, unlike congress or the senate are not a bunch of old, white guys.  

Foo Fighters take on the WBC