The Dominionism Series

As I explain in Part 1 below, I started the Dominionism Series because I saw a lot of inaccuracies, confusion, conflation and misrepresentation of Dominion Theology, the Dominion political movement, and the various groups that adhere to these beliefs. In order to counter something you must accurately understand it. I make no claims of expertise and these topics deserve more than a few blogs posts, but I felt that we needed to start somewhere. Please add comments or corrections in the comment sections of the individual posts. Thank you for reading.

This page will act as a “table of contents” for the Dominionism series. Check back here often to see new posts as they go up. More will be added to this list over time. 

Please feel free to share and cite. We just ask you link back to the original post, this page, or Left Hemispheres in general. Thank you.