Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Link Dump 12/31/10

Nutball Alert: Atheist Neil C. Reinhardt - This is something that I have been noticing lately and it is kind of the elephant in the room.  We atheists have our fair share of wackos amongst our ranks.  I bang on moderate theists for not standing up to fundamentalist theists all the time.  Which brings me to...

S.E. Cupp. Possibly the most famous (and growing?) wacko atheist out there.  PZ Myers and Mr. Atheist have already posted good take downs of her so I won’t get into it myself.    

Giant spaceships to attack December 2012?  - At one time I may have believed this.  Check out Bad Astronomer’s Tweet Your Skeptical Journey  stuff.  

Creationists And Climate Deniers Take On Teaching Climate Science In Schools

The following pic is a screen grab from a “friend’s” page on Facebook.  I agree with the notion that not everyone needs to attend college; that part is true, but everything else about this is total crap.  I am sure this is part of the home school movement which is propagated by fundamentalist Christians who despise history and science and want to destroy education so people will continue to believe their brand of bullshit.  *steps off soap box*

Ark Encounter - They are building a replica Ark in Kentucky near the Creation Museum.  Adam said that he is tempted to donate just so people can stand in front of the thing and realize there is no way that all the species of Earth (x2) fit on there.  Adam assumes the type of people that would visit this place will come around to rational thought.  Silly Adam.  
*sidenote: I think there may be a Left Hemispheres field trip to the Creation Museum in the spring of ‘11.  

11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway.

Experiment on the effects of religion and magic.

Dozens of GOP Leaders Declare Solidarity With Those Who Want To See Homosexuality Outlawed - In other news the GOP should be labeled a hate group.  

Watch the Milky Way unfurl across the sky (and watch for constellations!)

Amazing WISE Telescope images reveal runaway stars and cosmic jellyfish

Penn Pilot: Atheists attack Baby Jesus! - I’m a week late on this, but I thought it was worth it.

Here is the upcoming American Atheist billboard.  This one makes the Xmas one outside the Lincoln Tunnel seem nice.  

“Debating a Christian” Flow Chart - I should start carrying this around with me.

Latest Right-Wing Freak-Out: Obama Wants To Give Manhattan Back To Native Americans - Ya know, at some point I would think one would just become very exhausted from all their irrational thoughts and activities.  I just seems like a lot of effort to keep up the nonsense.  

5 Real Deleted Bible Scenes In Which Jesus Kicks Some Ass - Ignore the assumption Jesus was a real, historical figure.  The historicity of a preacher named Jesus is irrelevant.  I think this nicely illustrates the mythology of the Jesus lifestory.  

In ‘Daily Show’ Role on 9/11 Bill, Echoes of Murrow

Space Circles Are Proof of a Pre-Big Bang Universe? - Interesting, but pay attention to the headline vs. subtitle.  Damn copy editors...

Faith and Modernity

Study: Conservatives have larger ‘fear center’ in brain - THIS STUDY IS A LIBERAL PLOT!
The All New God Challenge - At least this god is a little up front about things.  

Little Girl Chooses Odd Time To Talk To Uncle About Satan - My New Years resolution is to con as many children I know into writing these for my friends.  


Steven Pinker on Textbooks, Culture Wars and the “A” Word - “Atheism is merely absence of belief. Humanism will succeed when no one notices that it's there, when it's just common decency in Western civilization.”

Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve everyone.  Don't drink and drive. I need two hands to count the number of people I know that have died from doing just that.  

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Morning Stupid Quotes: Best of 2010

Welp, it’s the end of the year.  A time when lazy media outlets the world over compile “Top Ten” lists and “Best of” lists since they are simple, easy and people will read them since we are simple and lazy.  Considering we don’t do this for money...we will act no different!  Here is your ”Best of” Monday Morning Stupid Quotes.  Join us in rehashing things you have (hopefully) already read!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Morning Hate: Steven Anderson

 Hateful rhetoric from religious leaders
"I do hate homosexuals and if hating homosexuals makes our church a hate group then that's what we are."
"Should I be a Baptist Pastor if I don't believe what the Bible says, if parts of this book offend the Southern Poverty Law Center then it should label it a hate book." 


 “If you’re a homosexual, I hope you get brain cancer and die like Ted Kennedy.”

via  Pastor: If Hating Homosexuals Makes Us a Hate Group, That's What We Are

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Link Dump 12/24/10

We compiled a larger Link Dump this week for all you godless heathens to read while stuck with family (or if you’re really lucky stuck without family) this weekend.  Just remember: Not only did the Christians appropriate the holiday itself, but they stole loads of pagan traditions to celebrate the made up birthday of a man who was not only not divine, but likely never existed.

Having said all that; at least Xmas is less sufferable than Easter.  HUZZAH!

A Holiday Message From Ricky Gervais: Why I Am An Atheist

There Goes the Sun - Huh, so Christians don’t own the season?

Christmas in America

The Origins of Religion by Victor Stenger - "Shit Happened," indeed.
Barney Frank Makes a Fool Out of Conservative Reporter Over “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell.” - I wish Barney Frank was my relative so I could listen to his sarcasm over holiday meals.

It's Not Healthy to Have an Imaginary Friend - 1) scientific evidence that prayers are beneficial is not that same thing as prayers being answered.   see psychosomatic  2) Even though it is Fox; I am pretty sure everyone on that set wanted to point out how ludicrous the statement “I don’t think it’s very healthy to have an imaginary friend” and “If you have an imaginary friend there is something wrong with you” is coming from a priest.  

Merry War On Christmas - oops...sorry.  I meant to say Xmas...

Mommy, why Is there a War On Christmas? - I can’t wait for Xmas to be over so I can stop hearing about this bullshit , non-existent culture war.  

Christian Group Executes Plastic Santa by Firing Squad - Again, there is a serious lack of self-awareness to realize that everything you are saying to criticize Santa pertains to Jesus.  

Four in 10 Americans Believe in Strict Creationism - anything above zero is unacceptable.  

Life On Earth Began Three Billion Years Ago

An evolutionary biologist explains the one thing most people misunderstand about evolution - Thanks for the explanation...Meatloaf?

Skin was the first organ to evolve - Which, for whatever reason, made me think of QOTSA’s Skin On Skin.

Bones Gives Peek Into the Lives of Neanderthals - I have always theorized that the reason Neanderthals went extinct was due to their extreme yumminess.

Wild Chimps, Stick Dolls: What’s at Play Here? - I know some people are going to have a problem with this conclusion because it assigns a biological basis for gender roles and apparently that is a horrible, horrible thing to do.  Whether or not this particular study and it’s conclusions are correct I am of the opinion that gender roles - namely as they are used politically - do not matter.  Just because something is biologically dominant does not make the outliers morally or even biologically wrong.  There may be a statistically significant biological predisposition towards a gender role (one would expect this given the drive to propagate DNA), but ultimately the idea of “right vs. wrong” is entirely culturally assigned.  This is good since cultures are usually fluid and the mores of yesterday can change.  It is not necessary to automatically challenge the existence of biological gender roles.  It is wrong to assign a “right vs wrong” morality to it.  

Most Dinosaurs Were Vegetarian, Research Suggests and Beaks Transformed Dinosaurs, Expanding Diet

The “Government Takeover“of Heath Care, and Other Whoppers: Politifact Tabulates the Year’s Biggest Political Lies and Half-Truths

Meteorite Holds Amino Acid Surprise - Is it nougat?  I hope it’s nougat.  

The Sun’s gravity could be used to create an interstellar communications network

Antimatter Lightning Discovered

Pluto May Host an Ocean - It was going to host a Tupperware party, but cancelled when it was uninvited from all the big planet’s parties.  Snobs.  

Possible Ice Volcano Spied on Giant Saturn Moon

PhysicsWorld: Our Favorite Pictures of 2010

South Carolina Celebration of Secession Parks New Tensions - Don’t ever let someone get away with saying the Civil War was not about slavery.  That is a lie.  
I am an Ex-Mormon Video Channel - Mojoey posted one of these over at Deep Thoughts and I find that video incredibly sad.

Pope: Church must reflect on what allowed abuse - Can you guess who Pope Palpatine blames for priests raping children?  That’s right...godless secular heathens are responsible for PRIESTS RAPING CHILDREN!  

Dan Barker at the Colorado Christian University

some extra cartoons we missed earlier this week.  

Maybe this is why I am a godless, liberal heathen.  I never got an assault rifle for Xmas.

All jokes aside I want one!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

X-mas Cartoons

That is one horrifying Santa.  His gaping maw is nightmare fuel. 

I don't know if this is intentional satire or not.  I find it funnier if it wasn't
and I wouldn't be surprised either way.

War on Christmas

The term "irony" is often misused.  This is what irony really is, kids.    

From a Hong King atheist ad.  Seems...reasonable.