Friday, January 20, 2012


This is a year old, but it's new to me! The top 10 things I got out of this.

1) How dare they they bastardize Batman this way! BLASPHEMERS!*
2) The only way to square the contradictions in the Bible is by faith. In other words...ignore them.

/sticks fingers in ears "lalalalala"

3) Obsession with blood? check!
4) Persecution/Martyr complex? check!
5) The "Scorner" (S.C. Orner. Clever!) "secularizes" the good Christian family by giving them a copy of the evil Toy Story 3. In a parody of Batman. Derp.
6) Anyone who thinks differently is a threat. They will divide.
7) Anyone who questions faith or religion is to be defeated.
8) Kicking someone's ass in a church for thinking differently is OK. Good to know.
9) "Cast out the scorner and contention shall go out. Yea strife and reproach shall cease." DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF. BE A PART OF THE HERD!
10) In the credits the one person asking honest questions about the Bible is simply labelled "Atheist." Yup.

BatChristian from Andrew Garcia on Vimeo.

via Ben O.C. Grimm via Stuff Fundies Like

*I'm sure some fundie will accuse me of worshiping a false idol in Batman. They would be correct.


Adam said...

I am offended and outraged! Batman is a skeptic. He is the “World’s Greatest Detective”. His every move is based in logic and empiricism. He is a man of science and calculation. He does not activate on faith. Hell, he keeps a sliver of Kryptonite in his utility belt just in case the ultimate Christ-like figure in the DC Universe goes bad. That’s right, he doesn’t even have faith in fucking Superman.

Unknown said...

Of course, the grand irony here is that we don't go door-to-door, nor do we infiltrate their churches. They do, however, want to preach in public school and come a-rap-rap-rapping at your door.

Troythulu said...

Oh, this is amusing, though I wouldn't be surprised if DC Comics got a little annoyed at the not-so subtle use of their trademark.


Promoters of religion rarely use genuinely original ideas to evangelize.

Adam said...

The music is ripped from the Lego Batman video game. Another insult!