Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Quotes of RWNJ Stupidity: Darwin --> HITLER!

“It seems to me that you can draw pretty much of a straight line from Darwinian Evolution to Social Darwinianism - I mean, if it's survival of the fittest and let's get rid of the weakest members of our society, it makes absolutely logical sense if you believe in Darwinianism, this is how all of life develops, this is how we get increasingly complex lifeforms. So it seems like you can draw almost a straight line between Charles Darwin, Margaret Sanger, Eugenics movement, and Adolph Hitler. In other words, you've got pretty much a broken (sic) line from the theory of evolution to Hitler's Germany. Is that an over-exaggeration?”
Yes. Yes it is. It also profoundly misinformed and intellectually dull.
Fisher’s guest responds with some words. Mostly repeating what he said and then “When we start compromising on the Bible in one part, like with the ideas of evolution, it's just another step to compromising on other parts, like the sanctity of life.”
Mmm...yeah. That’s the stuff. Let’s ignore reality because it conflicts with our worldview that we hold ever so tightly to despite not a single shred of evidence and a universe full of conflicting information.

via Right Wing Watch


Troythulu said...

Hmmm. I think I've have seen her before in an interview with Michael Shermer, and she doesn't seem to have gotten any less dogmatic since then, either. What a shame...Such a waste of a PhD that would have been more useful elsewhere.