Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Link Dump 3/9/12

Faith & Loathing in Religious Apologetics “For something as important and as integral to our shared existence as (the faith) claim, you must have at least one fact about that grand existence that is objectively, provably true. So...what is this one, even small, objectively true piece of evidence I have previously been unaware of that billions of people have?”

"Slaves, Obey Your Masters." - Colossians 3:22   “Of course the hateful quote is tied to the Bible. The quote is from the Bible!”

Vandals, Obey Your Impulses

Was the Atheist Billboard Quoting a Pro-Slavery Bible Verse Racist? No. Though you wouldn’t know it living around here in H-burg. I overheard various conversations about the “scumbag” and “racist” atheists. This billboard was too easy to dismiss.

Hebrew atheist billboard gets bumped in New York Oh well. Onward!

God on Trial: The Verdict This may be the most powerful video we have ever posted on here. I am not exaggerating in any way when I tell you that I have watched it at least a dozen times.

Are You Being Honest With Yourself?"And so Kepler was able to throw away the most beautiful idea he ever had, and in place of it, discover the way the Universe actually worked. And that's my favorite example of defeating your own confirmation bias; from more than 400 years ago! That's the reward of being honest with yourself, one of the most difficult things, apparently, for us, as humans, to do."

Burning The God Delusion Andy did good with this. Go ahead and share across the Internet.

Men Have Sex Too


Filthy Little Limerick for Limbaugh Another great song from the Riccardi’s.

This is all I am posting regarding that bloated fuck of bile Limbaugh. Ya know Louis Prothro from “V for Vendetta?” Most people probably associate Prothro with a Fox News personality. I have always thought of Rush. It’s the pills.  

Santorum: Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals" OMG Fuck you!

Ohio State Senator Nina Turner Introduces Legislation to Protect Men From ED Medication YES! I love the ridiculous legislation in response to ridiculous legislation game!

FLASHBACK: Fox News On Gas Prices In 2008

The Most Astounding Fact About the Universe by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Saturn’s Largest Moon Seen in Unprecedented Detail

Earworms: Why songs get stuck in our heads I had Stone Temple Pilots song “Plush” stuck in my head for the entire summer of 2000. It. Was. Awful.

Where on the Mall Will the Reason Rally Take Place? By the way, Adam and I will be there. Who else is going?

GOP’s Christian Hysteria Attacks U.S. Principle of Freedom From Religion

Why Are Religious Beliefs Off Limits? by Lawrence Krauss


KONY 2012: Is the Viral Campaign a Scam?

Invisible Children "KONY 2012" Leader Suggests It's About Jesus, and Evangelizing I guess we have to include this since it has ruled the Internets this week. For the record, I don’t care if they are a Christian charity as long as they are doing good work. If I were to have a problem it would be if they were the stereotypical evangelizing charity and if the financials are screwy.  I remain unconvinced on all sides. I kinda just don’t care about this.

To be fair, here is their response to all the criticism. Response from Invisible Children

Also, if you are so inclined, please donate to Uganda Humanist Schools Trust. I have donated to them via Foundation Beyond Belief.

Voters Slowly Realizing Santorum Believes Every Deranged Word That Comes Out Of His Mouth