Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Link Dump - 8/27/10

Physics in the MultiverseThis is cool, but it will really bake your noodle. 

Two new scientific studies reveal hallucinogens are good for your mental health – Come for the therapy, stay for the visuals.

       *side note: You know how I know Johnny Depp is a method actor?  Because he nailed it! 

You Can Build A Catholic Church Next To A Playground -- But Should You? (VIDEO)That John Stewart is funny.  He might just make a name for himself.  Also, no.  

Software Predicts Criminal Behavior – Philip K. Dick was right! Now we just need “sick sticks.” 

Proof of aliens could come within 25 years - …aaand this is why I am buying more ammo.  

Sam Harris: This is Your Brain on Morality - No witty comment.  Just watch.