Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20th: ''Everybody Pray for Hitchens Day''

Today is the day for believers to come together and pray for one of their most outspoken opponents.
Still the king of dry wit and sarcasm, when asked about his health recently, he replied.
''Well, I'm dying, since you asked, but so are you. I'm only doing it more rapidly.''
Mr. Hitchens has responded positively to the sentiment of the prayers from the faithful. Excluding, of course the prayers for his death and decent into the inferno.
He appears to recognize them for what they are. Well wishes and support. He has stated that the prayers have not actually made him feel better.
"Incantations, I don't think, have any effect on the material world."
Today, Mr. Hitchens we shall keep you in our thoughts. We would not presume that the cosmos is listening.