Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Link Dump 8/12/11

Police finally take notice of Twitter threats: It looks like Mabus/Markuze is finally under investigation after a decade or so of threatening countless people. Martin Pribble had a good post about it: A Small Victory - Montreal Menace in the News

I think it is a weird by-product of the online atheist community that it is almost as if you aren’t a “popular atheist” if you haven’t had death threats from Mabus. I’m “happy” to report that both the Left Hemispheres and my personal Twitter accounts have been Mabus’d. Yay?

Cognitive Dissonance & Doublethink

The Doublethink of Liberal Theology

Dispatch From Angola: Faith-Based Slavery in a Louisiana Prison: Someone on Google+ brought this to my attention and HOLY SHIT!

Where Humans Learned to Walk

Why the Earth wears an Antimatter Belt!: "All told, we are talking about maybe a few nanograms of anti-protons in the entire space between the two Van Allen belts! You could collect it all -- draining the region between the Van Allen belts of anti-protons -- and it would contain about as much total energy as your car battery."

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Michael Shermer

Coulter Suggests Mass Murder As A Way To "Save England From Itself": I typed at least three different sentences in response to this woman that I deleted because I am better than that.

*grinds teeth flat*

Buddhist Butchery – Part 1: Yes even Buddhists can find ways to be psychotic.

Remember fellow atheists: when the fallacy of 20th Century Atheism as the cause pf the worse genocides in history is used the proper response is: “Hitler was Catholic, Stalin and Mao instituted totalitarian regimes that enforced a cult of personality, and Pol Pot mixed Communism with Theravada Buddhist supernaturalism. Not a single one had anything to do with atheism.”  

Barton: Hang The Bloody Scalps Of Those Traitorous Men Over The Senate Rail

The Transformation of Michele Bachmann: A really good article.

Carl Sagan's influence on Neil deGrasse Tyson.

World War Z Is Going To Break Some Hearts: I suppose I shouldn’t have had high expectations for this. Hollywood ruins everything.



Andrew Hall said...

It is a strange rite of passage to be threatened by David Mabus/Markuze.

Unknown said...

Dam Andy, you beat me here. when the hell do you wake up. It's 6:30am in Sacramento. Any who two thingies. One I've only been Mabus'd once on twitter (I guess I'm small potatos..and it sort of hurts my feeling, but that is better than having my head cut off. Second, and I'm ashamed to admit this...I'm strangely attracted to Ann C. I feel like if I gave her some kind and gentle and generous brown love (the kind that I can produce) then she would stop hating minorities.

Awesome buddies.


Steve said... each his own buddy, but Ann's adam's apple really turns me off. That's just my personal opinion (/stifles gag reflex).

Adam said...

I didn't know that we were Mabus'd...I'm so proud. *tear

Kriss, I'm fairly sure that Ann C's bodyguards are instructed to shoot brown people on sight regardless of how gentle and generous they are.