Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Link Dump - 11/12/10

Twitter is run by the godless. Xtians had to start their own

Victor Stenger

            Why Religion Should Be Confronted  

            The Grand Accident 

Two active ministers say they no longer believe in God but no one knows. - I do not revel in their conflict.  That has to be frightening and stressful in a way that I only partially relate to.  I can understand what they are feeling, but not to that extent and not with that much of their lives intertwined in faith.  

Oklahoma Voters May Have Accidentally Voted Against Ten Commandments, Too - Aside from the fact that this law is unnecessary due to the First Amendment...I find this hilarious.  

Neanderthals Were Promiscuous, Finger Fossils Suggest - Where did they find the fingers?  (ah, cheap jokes)

Election 2010: Will GOP Victory Lead to Anti-Science Crusade? – Of course.  They love their constituency ignorant.  

Preacher Speaks in Tongues – In tongues?  Oh…I thought it was complete nonsense…

The Grand Reality – This makes my brain hurt.  I don’t know why everyone on Twitter gives this guy the time of day.  Stop feeding his persecution complex! 

Gamma Ray Bursts: Screaming Baby Black Holes? - I keep seeing this title incorrectly and it is wildly inappropriate.  

George W. Bush on voting for John McCain in 2008: “Not a chance. ‘I probably won’t even vote for the guy,’ Bush told the group, according to two people present. ‘I had to endorse him. But I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked me.’”  - Didn’t see that coming. 


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