Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Hate: Rev. Tom Brown

"All the evidence I have seen shows that homosexuality is actually an emotional, psychological disorder brought on early in childhood. I do not believe people chose those feelings, because who in their right mind would choose it, and thus be scorned by society."

"Same gender feelings are a psychological illness caused by three powerful and tragic events in a child’s life. Someone may be offended that I would use the term “illness” to describe homosexuality, but this term is meant to show the “helpless” of the injured party, not to stigmatize him. If someone is sick, we do not blame him, but rather, we look to find out the cause of the sickness so we could apply the cure."

"The American Psychiatric Association once considered homosexuality a mental disorder until 1973, but changed their view after being pressured by gay lobbyists; they claim to have come to their conclusion by consulting with professionals and experts in the field but it is clear that some of the “experts” were no doubt practicing homosexuals that convinced the APA to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders."

would like to point out that the American Psychological Association's (APA) DSM-IV specifically mentions that religion is not a form of delusion.  I could, by extending Rev. Brown's logic, state that the only reason why this is so is due to some of the APA members being practicing Christians and being lobbied by Christian groups to make that so.  Just saying....

From Homosexuality: Its cause and cure By Tom Brown