Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Quotes*: Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner

Heresy makes for progress.

"Away with all these gods and godlings; they are worse than useless."

"Less power to religion, the greater power to knowledge."

"The word "Atheist" has always been used as a term of obloquy by Christians, even by educated Christians who have not the excuse of ignorance. Misapprehension and deliberate misrepresentation of Atheism have been constant, and indeed are not unknown at the present day."

"Before August, 1914, it was the correct thing to proclaim Christ as the Prince of Peace and Christianity as the religion of love and the brotherhood of man. We had a Peace Sunday each year when lip-service was paid to Peace from thousands of pulpits. After August, 1914, these sames pulpits resounded with prases of the Lord as a man of war (Exodus, xv. 3) and declarations that the great European War was a Christian war, sent directly by Almighty God himself. The earlier attitude, disassociating Christanity from war, was both dishonest and, to say the least of it, ungrateful; for Christianity has been nursed, nourished, and spread abroad by war and by what we now call frightfulness."

*We have been running the Monday Morning Stupid Quotes since we started this blog in August of 2010. It is a new year and I wanted to try and start this week off with a more positive note than always highlighting stupidity and ignorance. We won't be retiring the MMSQ and we may substitute this for Sunday Morning Hate as well. We'll take it as it comes.