Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Link Dump 2/11/11

No, Atheists Don't Have to Show "Respect" for Religion - I think the greatest compliment I have for someone is when I get done reading their work and (very) jealously think to myself: “Damn it.  Why the Hell didn’t I write that?” or “Why didn’t my post on that subject come off that awesome?”  

Science Guy Bill Nye Explains Why Evolution Belongs in Science Education

Speaking In Defense Of Science - The only people who ever say scientists claim to have all the answers are the theists who hate and fear (always fear) science. They do this to try and establish science as a religion or as the "Religion of Atheists" in an ironic attempt at discrediting it.

Evidence Emerges That Laws of Physics Are Not Fine-Tuned For Life - "The universe is not fine-tuned for life; life is fine-tuned to the universe." Victor Stenger

Fischer: Native Americans Need to Leave The Reservation, Convert To Christianity, and Become Full-Fledged American Citizens - I reject the pantheistic or naturalistic religion of traditional Native Americans as much as any other religion, but at least their “spirituality” is personal, doesn’t require converts and has no claim on universal, divine truth.  In short: they keep it to themselves.  

Bill O'Reilly vs. Science: O'Reilly's Top 8 Science FAILs

Did Drought Kill the Mayans? - I surveyed and excavated in the hinterlands around Caracol in Belize.  This is a terrible headline and poorly written article.  The Maya didn't die off.  There are 7 million Maya still in Central America.  Also, a combination of drought, over-foresting, intensive agriculture and warfare did in the city-states.  

Pat Tillman In Hell? (Or “How NOT To Proselytize”) - “And there is little to respect in a view of the world so false and so distorting that it leads people to treat real death and real exploitation as of less importance than the fantasized punishments a cult has made up for the manipulative purposes of scaring people into joining them and scaring people out of ever leaving them.”


Catholic Church endorses app for sinning iPhone users - Of course they charge money. Salvation ain’t cheap (neither are their legal bills...ZING!).  

Stellar nursery is a giant, gaseous mountain range

Debunking 'Biblical marriage': Why the Bible can't dictate today's sexual morals - You just have to appreciate the intense cognitive dissonance of religious moderates and progressives living with one foot in the Bronze Age Levant and the other foot in 21st Century Western Civilization.  This article gave me a good chuckle.

The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology - I won’t lie to you: this is one loooong article, but it is worth the read.   How anybody can believe this stuff is beyond me.  Uh oh... I must be an “S.P.“ Quick! I need an audit! Where’s the soup cans! Am I Clear? Oh sweet  Xenu, am I CLEAR?  

Today Show: Is Church of Scientology Violating Human Rights? - Interview with the author of the above article.  Matt Lauer is still a tool.  

Why some animals can never be domesticated - Damn. No red pandas around the house.    

Mystery of the parasitic albino redwood trees

Indonesian mob burns churches, attack police - “As-Salāmu `Alaykum”

First panoramic view of the sun beamed down by Nasa spacecraft

The big list of Catholic Patron Saints - Wouldn’t “Patron Saints against magic” cancel themselves out?

Flu breakthrough promises a vaccine to kill all strains - Do we really want to get rid of some of these illnesses?  I are you supposed to call into work sick after a bender or just because its Tuesday? The “death in the family” excuse is just dishonest, ya know?

Success! Creationist Textbook Writers Back Out of Texas

Bush Cancels Visit To Switzerland Due To Threat Of Torture Prosecution

THE CHURCH OF LEBOWSKI IS A THING THAT EXISTS - “Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

Climate science is a ‘religion,’ Washington Post columnist claims

Sarah Palin: Too Soft on GOP Gays For Some - Adams says: “Maybe the fundies are right. The end is truly nigh when Sarah fucking Palin is too tolerant to be president.”

Sarah Palin tolerates nothing.  There is only self-serving political acceptance of groups she would normally disavow.  I shudder at the thought of her in any office.  

Indonesia: Adulterers Can Now Be Stoned To Death In Aceh Province - “As-Salāmu `Alaykum”

A “what if” model of All 1,200 newly discovered exoplanets orbiting in one gigantic solar system - Initially I thought the title of this post meant the impossible.  

10 Things Conservatives Don’t Want You To Know About Ronald Reagan - Palin just won’t STFU about him. Yet another thing she does not understand.  

X-rays uncover hidden leg in ancient snake - Some people reject this, but accept that a snake could talk.  

Glenn Beck, the John Birch Society, and Fox News - Don’t forget the Koch Brothers...

"The Coming Insurrection: Egypt": Beck Sees Unrest As A Coordinated Plot By The "Socialist Communists" And The Muslim Brotherhood - *closes eyes and pinches bridge of nose*

Bangladeshi Girl Lashed To Death After Being Raped By Cousin - “As-Salāmu `Alaykum”

Physicists discover new quantum state of water

IDIOT OF THE WEEK: PZ MYERS - Dictionary Atheists fight back.  

Doubting Marcus: "Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin were Atheists!"

Oh, For God’s Sake - A Christian minister defends Obama against Fox News.  

Bill Gates: Anti-Vaccine People “Kill Children” - Earlier this week on my local news they said there have been a few outbreaks of measles in the area.  Guess why?  As the father of a child less than one year old and therefore not able to be vaccinated yet this pisses me off to no end.  

Egyptian Muslims kneel to pray, Christians link arms to protect them - Credit where credit is due.  Thanks for acting human.  


'Lolita' Author Nabokov Was Right About Butterflies - I thought this was interesting.  

Dispatches: Lessons In Hate and Violence (Trailer) - “As-Salāmu `Alaykum”

Controversy Remains After Priest's Confession Of Sexual Indiscretion During Exorcism -  Father Thomas Euteneuer. He was the subject of my 3rd ever post when we started this site. Still an asshole, I see.  

House Fails to Extend Patriot Act Spy Powers

Why Hell Must Be Eternal - IT’S ALL MADE UP, DUDE!  Don’t expend that much energy justifying myth.  

Possibly my favorite album of 2010.