Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Link Dump ~ 5/13/11


Its Friday the 13th!! Burn Hide the children.

NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment More evidence in accord with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. *Geek swoon*

What does it look like when a human embryo grows a face? You really get a glimpse of the transitional forms of our evolution while watching this. It is kinda creepy though.

Revolutionary New Paper Computer Shows Flexible Future for Smartphones and Tablets SCIENCE!

Monday Morning Quotes ~ Sir David Arrenborough


Christopher Hitchens: Unspoken Truths This nearly brought me to tears.

OBL was “Removed” by Pope John Paul II : According to Peruvian President Alan Garcia Yes, the number one global terrorist in the world was murdered by the soul of a dead pope.

What Vaccine Refusal Really Costs

“Very Positive”: Fox News’ Smear of “Vile Rapper” Common Debunked by Own Reporting Even Fox News doesn’t believe Fox News. The Neo-Con Talking Heads should feel threatened by an intelligent, thought provoking artist (from Chicago **gasp**). He represents everything they fear. An outspoken educated inner city black man inspiring children. But seriously, I doubt that these people know anything about Common other than the genre of music he creates and yes, I'll say it: the color of his skin. The event has also inspired a few Conservative Racist Tweets which are always a good time.
TN Bill Calls Two or More Observant Muslims a “Sharia Organization”
Steve says: I have no love lost for Islam, but this is just plain discriminatory and illegal. I agree; as long as we still can't call two or more Scientologists a "cult meeting".

First Evidence That Gorillas Pass on Traditions

Flood Prevention

The Department of Secular Studies Finally, somebody gets it.

Who Are America’s Godless? Diversity of Godless Americans in the United States We spend so much time knowing our enemies. Let’s take a moment to identify our friends.

Sunday Morning Hate ~ Paseka Motsoeneng OK back to our enemies.

Richard Dawkins and Dr. Yan on Genetic Ancestry MORE SCIENCE!

Mid Week Rant : Richard Dawkins

The Daily What: Hilary Clinton was photo shopped out of the Situation Room for an Orthodox Newspaper Der Tzitung. What are these people going to do when the US eventually has a female president?

What the Pope Knew

10 Quirky science tricks to use at parties SCIENCE DAMMIT!

Sonogram Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk in Austin Texas Let’s be even more condescending to frightened young women, shall we?

Rapture Map I’m looking forward to the extra space.

And now, just because it makes me laugh EVERY TIME: Benny Hinn, Dark Lord of the Sith