Friday, September 23, 2011

Cult 101: Christian "Rapper" at SC Public School

First of all, B-SHOC is nothing but an auto-tuned, talentless, redneck tool of a cult.

Second, and much more importantly, the fact that this event was held at a public school (Jefferson, South Carolina) for obvious indoctrination is clearly unconstitutional and sickening. The superintendent, principal, and any teachers that were involved should all be fired.

They won't be. This will continue. They will use their political majority and religious guilt on others who recognize this for what it is, but are too afraid to challenge the religious right. They are nearly impervious because of the cowardice of moderate and progressive Christians.

So, it's up to us. Thankfully Freedom From Religion Foundation is on it. We need to find this whenever it occurs and hold their feet to the fire.

FFRF contests flagrant violations at South Carolina school

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SavedByScience said...

I went through this same thing in middle school, only the used martial arts instead of music. Sadly, at the time I fell hook, line, and sinker for it. I "rededicated" my life to Jesus and became focused on being a "better" Christian. Fortunately, the process can be reversed for some people, and science and reason prevailed for me. They succeeded because knowing how people could break bricks and things worked were far more fascinating than people breaking bricks "with faith" or "through the power of God." Sadly most people don't want to know how things work and are more likely to stay with the power of images/sound and celebrity.