Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Insane Religious Bigotry brought to you by Linda Harvey

I know I must sound like a broken record, but it all comes down to religion. That is the only reason to hate homosexuals. Now the usual reply to that statement is that not all believers believe that it's bad and not all of them hate. Of course that is true, but only in spite of their religion. How much of the scripture (the basis of belief) has to be abandoned before people realize it is simply wrong? All of it.

“‎Faith, if it is ever right about anything, is right by accident Sam Harris

At the risk of sounding like them...these people and their beliefs are poisonous. The Culture Wars are only getting started.


Paul said...

Is this shit for real? Wow, that makes me angry. If I am a doctor and one of my patients tries to put a letter on file that says they don't want their child treated by a homosexual, I think I'd ask them to find a new primary. Holy shit, lady, you are ignorant!!

Troythulu said...

Oh the humanity.

What absolutist small-mindedness, and couched in the language of respect at that -- respect for the bigoted beliefs of a segment of the population that would have us return to the 1950s if not the Middle Ages.

This is so over-the-top that I would just love to believe it's a poe.