Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Link Dump ~ 11/11/11

Left Hemispheres passed 100,000 hits this week.  Thanks to all our random visitors and faithless faithful readers.

Dominionism: A Primer on Christian Theology & American Politics The first in a multi-part series by our chief writer and intellectual masochist, Steve.  Not afraid of Dominionists you are?  You will be.  You will be.

Religious Bullying Protected by Potential New Law

Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan!

Mid-Week Rant: Hitchens & How Religion Is Like North Korea

A Response to "The God Test" “Human emotion and experience IS intrinsically meaningless. That is not the same as worthless. We live subjective lives in a material world with other subjective beings that we need to get along with in order for the whole wheel to roll. You diminish that by adding the god concept.”  --Preach brother!

After AtheismAs an atheist I am able to examine the human condition as it presents itself; not squeezed into the box of theism with a list of answers begging for corresponding questions.”

Monday Morning Quotes: Hugo Black

Morality 3: Of Objectivity & Oughtness

Sunday Morning Crazy: Cindy Jacobs "If You Care About the Environment, you are a Dominionist....  Riiiiiight.

A Freethinker is Satan’s Slave “Rationalism says man’s mind, his reason, can determine and know truth. Presuppositionalism says man’s reason is so dependent on his creator that knowledge must begin with God’s revelation of Himself.”

Pastors Challenge The Extremism Behind 'The Call: Detroit'  This is an example of moderate Christians fighting Christian extremism.  We are always asking for it, so we like to highlight it when we find it.

Report: Military Blew $1 Trillion on Weapons Since 9/11

Atheist Army Sergeant Unleashes on the Bully Known as JD the Christian Fighter Pilot

World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns Can we please find a republican to travel the country and speak about this?  Maybe then we can stop dismissing the messenger and make a genuine attempt to solve the problem.

Fox News Lies: Obama’s Christmas Tree Tax You are going to hear about this over and over as Fox kicks off it’s annual “War on Christmas” propaganda machine.  Just remember two facts: It was initiated as a request form the National Christmas Tree Association and it began in December of 2008.  Back when Obama still had a blackberry.

Grilled Cheesus Yes, this is as real as it is awesome.