Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Link Dump 11/25/11

Kingdom Now Theology & The New Apostolic Reformation Part 3 in my Dominionism series. I like the part where they’re crazy.

Burnout & Apathy: Symptoms of a Stagnate Movement Yeah, so I kinda had a slight moment of “what the hell are we doing this for?” I blame Martin Pribble and Paul Fidalgo.

The aforementioned gentlemen's blog posts that are related to mine.

My Atheism Will Not Save the World by Paul Fidalgo on Near Earth Object

Why Doubt? Dismissing Faith (Positively) Embracing doubt and utilizing reason over saying unanswered prayers or attributing all good occurrences to God has been a positive experience. Dismissing faith is not a loss.”  The always on-point Ms. Mason. Aside from her usual awesomeness, you can’t look away or you might miss her posting screenshots of some of the most horrifically ignorant things Americans say. Huzzah!

Ultimate Christmas Quiz – With Answers /Prints this out. /Folds it up. /Stuffs in Wallet. /Waits for Xmas dinner.

The Roots play "Lyin' Ass Bitch" for Michele Bachmann on Fallon Tasteless. Wrong. Hilarious. This ballsy episode aside, this is one of the few hip-hop groups that I not only like, but I love! I have seen them three times live and they always rock. If you pay attention around here you know I am a metalhead through and through. So...that is high praise from me.

"In some cases babies too young to be vaccinated have contracted the illness from contact with infected older children who have not been given the jabs."


The Religious Right's disingenuous interest in history Somehow, despite the obvious problem of overzealous Christians in the military, we are asked to believe that reasonable observers should understand a 13-foot cross towering over military property as being something other than a pro-Christian endorsement.”

NPR audio: would the world be better off without religion? Rabbi Wolpe, while I disagree with him, seems like a perfectly nice guy. Conversely, Dinesh D'Souza is a weaselly, intellectually dishonest prick.

Prayer Warriors and Freethinkers by Sikivu Hutchinson

City lights could reveal E.T. civilization “Looking for alien cities would be a long shot, but wouldn’t require extra resources. And if we succeed, it would change our perception of our place in the universe,” (emphasis added)

Survey: People Who Watch No News Know More Than Fox Viewers Fox News has become this unique organism that evolved to eat its own shit in order to sustain itself.

Why Mozart Rocks So Hard. Artistic Genius Explained.

Perry Promises To End Civilian-Controlled Military This is straight out of the Dominionist handbook. Why? Because the American military is already frighteningly infested with Evangelical Christians. I’m pretty sure America isn’t stupid enough to elect this man as Commander-in-Chief. Notice I said “pretty sure.”

Sexy eyes offend Saudi purity police Ah yes. It's women's fault that men cannot control themselves and their junk.

Sam Harris ~ Not Being Indoctrinated Into Christianity I think my comment on that page sums it up.

Down with Agnosticism

To GOP candidates: Enough already with God–our nation has real problems and lack of religion in politics isn't one of them Co-signed, but the assumption that they care about much of anything else is...naive.

Open Letter to America's Liberal Christians This is related to the “burnout & apathy” I discussed earlier this week. I know atheists and Christians in America have a tenuous relationship, if any, but it would be nice if they would pick up the slack every once in awhile when it comes to the fundies. Aside from the obvious mutual benefit of keeping the crazy people away from power, it would also do them the added benefit of negating some of that “moderate Christianity tacitly allows fundamentalism and extremism to take hold” thing. Just sayin’.