Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hitchens Cento

So I was listening to the Cognitive Dissonance Podcast for the first time (aaand I'm already addicted) this AM and episode #26 #godisnotgreat opens up with a cento poem that one of the guys created. A quick definition of a cento poem since I wasn't aware of what it was before listening to the podcast. A cento is basically a "collage" poem where lines from another person's work are strung together. I urge you to listen to the podcast in the link above or via iTunes. The poem opens the show so you won't have to wait long.

The Hitchens Cento

Dismissed without evidence,
Leaves me no cognitive dissonance.
The only position is atheism.
Shun the transcendant.
The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.
Like an unctuous merchant in a bizarre,
A friend of poverty,
Suffering was a gift from god.
Necessary rather than suffiecient.
Distrust anything put together by crude, uncultured, human mammals.
Terrify children.
Simply ridiculous!
Withdraw a respect from such fanstastic claims,
Throw out the ripening vintage,
They refuse to keep their fantasies to themselves.
Fool yourslef into happiness while pretending not to do so.
Balling and fearful infancy of our species,
Asserted without evidence.
Defy the foulness of theocracy!
Not in what it thinks, but in how.
Only true as long as everybody agreed to it.
The noble title of 'dissident' must be earned.
Modesty is too arrogant for me,
The natural world is wonderful enough.

Goodbye Mr. Hitchens.