Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hitchens Destroys the Catholic Church

I'm posting this because I am appalled that we have not posted it before. Also check out Stephen Fry at the same debate.


Steve said...

FYI: the moderator polled the audience before and after the debate as to whether “The Catholic Church was a force for good.” The results were:

Good: 678
Not good: 1102
Undecided: 346

Good: 268
Not good: 1876
Undecided: 34

Unknown said...

Thanks Steve-o. no one kills it like hitch. So confident, charming, historical, literary...unapolegetic. The freekin' assassin I tell ya. assassin.


Andrew Hall said...

This is the reason very few theists wants to debate atheists in public. The more we have access to the public the less popular they are.

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Steve said...

At first I could have sworn that name read: "nut jobbie godlove."


Troythulu said...

I never knew Hitch personally, but I've always admired his outspokenness and rhetorical abilities. The man had an authenticity that would have been the envy of those he debated.

Adam said...

If he were still alive, we would be forwarding his take on Catholicism, Santorum & birth control. Would have been glorious.