Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Quotes From a Charlatan: Pat Robertson

In a perfect example that Pat Robertson is a lying charlatan; he admonishes a caller who wondered why they weren’t healed after praying with Pat.

“You don’t believe that it’s real and you say ‘Well it’s a wonderful dream’, but you didn’t receive it. You got to receive it and stand on it, take it and praise God for it. This is mine! And you can ask it back. I mean, this may be Satanic and the things come back on you. They come back. You need to rebuke it and command it to leave you. Permanently!”
First, this statement barely makes any sense. I had to listen to it multiple times to transcribe just this little bit. Second, it is the perfect example of “you just don’t believe hard enough” to deflect the false claims of a cheat. It is an insult after the scam.