Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Link Dump ~ 3/23/12

Reason Rally tomorrow!!  The forecast calls for rain.  I’ll bet my eternal soul that some apologist will say that the rain is a sign of God’s disapproval...Because everybody knows God hates reason.

Reason Rally official schedule Yeah, each speaker/event is spaced 5-15 minutes apart.  It will take a biblical miracle for them to actually keep this schedule.

Reason Rally Bingo | Friendly Atheist Games to go along with all the hugs!

Random Frothy Quote: People That Don't Vote For Me Aren't Religious Enough

Santorum’s bad porn science He says, “a wealth of research is now available demonstrating that pornography causes profound brain changes in both children and adults, resulting in widespread negative consequences.”  Only there is no actual evidence of this.

Santorum and the New Catholic-Evangelical Alliance BE AFRAID.

The Good Book

Mars Attacked: Planetary Scientists Vent Frustrations over Proposed Budget Cuts I’m generally OK with Big O, but cutting 300 million from NASA’s planetary science division is like literally taking a dump on the American Dream.  The mission to Mars is the kind of project that creates a burst of innovation and technology.  Aside from inspiring a generation of children to want to be scientists, it also lends itself to advances in multiple fields.  Who do you think is working on alternative fuel tech and more sophisticated solar power cells?

Random Quotes of Conservative Whining

Is Free Will an Illusion? “Harris predicts that a declaration by the scientific community that free will is an illusion would set off "a culture war far more belligerent than the one that has been waged on the subject of evolution."

Faith is a Virtue?

To rule out god, first get to know him “Secularists would also do well to recognise the distinction between the "popular religion" that comes easily to people's minds and the convoluted intellectual gymnastics that is theology.”

Privilege Has Its Rewards — How Longevity Will Become The New Class Inequality

The Sagan Series Pt. 1-9 (UPDATED 3/19/12)

Gay marriage is not a 'human right': European ruling torpedoes Coalition stance

Atheist group offers to send members to church for charity | The Crimson White

Scarlet Letter - Atheist Documentary Trailer

Silly Ladies Don’t Know What Rape Is, Suggests Idaho Legislator Who wants to be furious with a misogynistic elected official?  I do!  I do!

Jesus Christ: Violent Communion

Student Freaks out in class discussing evolution This isn’t fundie humor.  It’s probably a psychotic break triggered by cognitive dissonance.

A Perfect Circle - Judith

Adam Savage - How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries (TED)

Gay Awareness Leads to Rape This man drops more logical fallacies and hateful statements in 2 minutes and 16 seconds than most people do all day.

See you at the Reason Rally!!

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Steve said...

For those going to the Reason Rally tomorrow, hopefully we'll see you there. I'm going to buy a bunch of the "Hi, my name is..." stickers to hand out. I'll be signing mine as Steve/@uzh77 so we can recognize eachother from social media. If you have a few spare dollars it would be a cool idea for everyone to do the same.

See ya tomorrow!

Andrew Hall said...

I have a policy of signing all name tags as "Cornelius" as a tribute to Fight Club.

Also in regards to Rick Santorum's statement about porn, my brain was problematical way before porn came into my life.