Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Quotes: Why We Need The Reason Rally

“Go ahead and protest. That is your right. But just remember that this is a nation of believers. We feel sorry that you have no values and no hope for an afterlife, but you aren’t going to change anything. Believers talk the way they do because that is how they think. If you don’t like living in a nation of believers, you might try to get together and colonize Antarctica.”
Yeah. Always lovely to hear from the good Christian folk of America.

From the comments section of the Politico article: The Reason Rally: A Woodstock for nonbelievers


Troythulu said...

Gotta love the sanctimonious condescension of the faithful.

I'm sure they'd be outraged to hear an atheist say, "I feel sorry for you that you choose to enslave yourself to a being created in the imaginations of Bronze-Age shepherds. If you don't like living in a modern society where not everyone believes as you, you might try hitching a ride in a time-machine and settling down in medieval Europe."

Steve said...

or as the Dark Ages is now know: The Republican Party.

Yeah, they would lose their shit if the comment was reversed. Most of this hate doesn't bother me any more. I just laugh.